What Makes Vented, Condenser and Heat Pump Tumble Dryers Different?

A dryer is a machine which has a tumbler drum in which washed clothes are dried by spinning. These dryers are either combined with a washing machine or separate. The dryers have played a vital role in making life convenient and super easy. These tumbler dryer machines have many benefits. Through this article, you will learn about some features and aspects of major types, which are essential for operating and controlling machine easily.

Types of Dryers

Nowadays, a dryer is an essential part of your laundry. You can find single dryer tubs, attached dryer tub (semi-automatic machines) or a single tub for both washing and dry fully automatic machines). The dryers which are separated or not attached to washing machines have three major types, ‘Vented Dryers’, ‘Condenser Dryers’ and ‘Heat Pump Dryers’. Another category of dryers is based on power source, which is ‘Gas Powered Dryers’ and ‘Electricity Powered Dryers’. Despite, of the variation in power source all the dryers are electrically operated but the only difference in gas dryers is ‘Flame’. The clothes in Gas dryers are dried with the help of flame while in fully electrical dryers heat is generated by electricity.

How Vented Dryers Works and Its Benefits

The vented dryers have a hose which is used to expel warm and damp air out from an external window. The air is needed to be expelled out of the dryer, therefore, these dryers must be positioned with an external window or you can hang out its hose out of the window. These dryer models are affordable and inexpensive but require an external vent or hole to remove the hot air.

Condenser Tumble Dryers:

This dryer model does not expel damp or warm air, so you don’t need a separate vent or window. In these dryers the water drained out of clothes is either collected in a container or expelled out of the machine via washing plumbing. These dryers are not only easy to install but you have the freedom to fix these anywhere, not to forget that the room must be ventilated.

Heat Pump Tumble Dryers:

This is the third type of dryer machine. The heat pump tumble dryers use a latest and special technology to dry the clothes. The heat is generated either by a burning flame (Gas operated) or heating filament (Electricity operated). This dryer has more benefits than any other models. A heat pump dryer are energy efficient, saves money on utility bills, as well as preserves the softness of your fabric. The clothes are dried with greater care in these dryers.

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