Tips to Improve Employee Well-being

An important thing to understand when you are an employer is that the mental health of your staff is as important as their physical health.

Therefore, you should take the necessary steps to look after the wellbeing of every employee and ensure that they are happy and healthy in the workplace.

However, while you may know that you need to look out for your employees’ health, putting this thought into action can be extremely challenging if you aren’t sure where to start. To help you and any managers overcome this issue, here is a list of small steps you can take which will make a huge difference to your employees’ lives.

Daily reminders

Reminding employees regularly about simple things, such as to take a walking lunchand snack on healthier foods, can help to ensure that they are staying on top of their health.

This is because it is reminding employees that maintaining their health is not a one-time thing, which is a mindset that can quickly be fallen into if goodhealth habitsare only promoted once a month or so.

Reinforcing these good habits willnot only keep your staff happy and healthy, but establish a good work routine and improve their overall workplace wellness.

Discourage bad habits

If you see bad habits occurring, but choose to ignore them and let them continue to take place, then employees may think that these habits are acceptable and healthy. Gently discouraging bad habits if you see them can help to improve corporate wellness.

These bad habits can includestaff working late, lifting heavy objects incorrectly, or eating at their desks. A friendly reminder to change these ways will give them a bit of support towards their healthy wellbeing.

Doing this will help show staff that you care about them and their wellbeing, and can mean that your staff relationships develops on a personal level if you would like them to.

Be a role model

Making sure that youlook after your own wellbeing, by bringing healthy snacks to work or starting an exercise club, will mean that you are setting an excellent example for other members of your team.

This can make a lot of difference when attempting to start up wellbeing initiative schemes or other clubs, as you will not simply be offering these, but will be encouraging your staff to follow your lead.

It will also truly show that you believe in improving wellbeing, meaning that when you promote it, your words will have more meaning.

Workplace initiatives

Establishing some incentives in your workplace, such as offering small rewards for successfully quitting smoking or walking to work, is a fun, exciting way to get employees looking after their wellbeing.

You could suggest that employees get involved in a charity fundraising run or other event, which is beneficial to their health as well as being good for the wider community.

Not only canthese initiatives give staff motivation or a goal to work towards, but it will mean that they are doing these things in a group, who will be able to offer support to them when they are struggling.

Introduce a wellbeing service

An employee wellbeing service will help you demonstrate a proactive approach to caring for your staff’s mental and physical health.

Having a service like this in place will ensurethat if any of your employees ever feel as though they need extra support, or simply someone to talk to, they have a safe space to go to. This helps to create a positive, supportive working environment, with happy, healthy employees.

So there areseveral small changes you or any managerscan make in your company that will make promoting health and wellbeing much easier.

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