The leading Role of Prince Wales Island International School

Prince of Wales Island International School is undoubtedly a leading International school in Malaysia. At this institution, they understand the need for quality education, hence their commitment to meeting this need in their students. They provide a supportive and happy environment so that their students can learn and assimilate speedily.

Top class environment

The facilities available at this institution also make it stand out. The facilities are up to date, and the school campus is located in a serene environment that encourages learning. The school campus is well-resourced and beautiful.  The staff members are true professionals; the curriculum equally gives each student the opportunity to express him/herself in the learning environment for the quick development of personal skills.  Everything is prepared at this institution to enhance learning. Also, each of the students here is trained to become an academically and morally sound individual so that they can be of benefit to the world around them as a student and graduate.

Top class teaching modules

Teaching at this leading international school in Malaysia is IT-compliant. As a result, all the graduates from the institution are prepared for the challenges awaiting them at the workplaces outside the school environment.  There are up to nine science laboratories on campus with each of them being well-equipped to make learning a lot more interesting for their students.

Aside from caring for the learning needs of their students, Prince Wales Island International School also care for the recreational needs of their students. The tennis courts here are standard and are open to the students at any time for that matter.  The natural acoustic auditorium is yet another unique facility that set the institution apart from the rest.  The structure of the institution was put together with close attention to the learning benefits of their students.

Furthermore, the institution delivers the best possible transport, medical and domestic services to their students. They also put in mind the need of their teachers so that they can create a wholesomely happy and contented academic community where both teachers and students feel at home.

Available facilities

Some of the facilities available at Prince Wales Island international school, the leading international school in Malaysia, are highlighted below:

  • Science laboratories
  • Auditorium
  • Sports facilities
  • Well-designed teaching areas
  • Cashless safe community
  • Boarding facilities
  • Information technology
  • Music
  • Cafeteria

Furthermore, they provide flight and other transports services to their staff and students.

Extra-curricular activities

Some of the extracurricular activities at this institution are:

  • Chess game
  • Chinese chess
  • Book club
  • Choir
  • Astronomy club
  • Orchestra
  • Percussion Ensemble
  • Textile club
  • Sconce Fair Club
  • Props Makin
  • Computer Science Club and so on.

Job opportunities

Prince Wales Island International School, aside from offering top quality education, also offers job opportunities in both teaching and non-teaching positions each time such jobs are available. They usually provide information about such job openings on their website, and you check out the list to find out if you qualify for any of them. It is undoubtedly the best international school in Malaysia and welcomes applicants from all walks of life and from all backgrounds provided they have the desired qualifications.

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