The Importance of a Background Check Before Hiring

When hiring someone new to your business, there are various stages that need to be taken to ensure you have found the perfect candidate. One of the most important of these is conducting a background check. Here are the reasons why a background check is important before hiring.

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Highlighting Criminal History

One of the main reasons why a background check is conducted is so that employers can see whether the candidate possesses a criminal history. The type of criminal charges can vary, but with the more severe cases, the candidate could potentially be dangerous, untrustworthy, and an overall threat to the business. In other cases, the criminal charges may be out of date, minor or completely irrelevant to the position they are applying for. Regardless, as an employer, you deserve to have all the information beforehand, so you can take appropriate action on whether you hire the candidate or not. Companies like Intelius can provide a background check for your employees.

Ability and Performance

As well as looking out for any criminal activity, there are various background checks that can help highlight credit histories and driving records. Whilst a credit history and driving record may not be relevant to every profession, there are various jobs that involve handling money or driving, so it is important that these background checks are made beforehand to ensure the right person gets the job.

Keeping Your Business Safe

The safety of your employees and customers should be your number one priority. With that in mind, it is important to be aware of what type of applicants you could be meeting throughout the pre-employment process. Conducting a background check can help you eliminate any candidate you feel could pose a threat to you or your business. Protecting your employees and customers from harm is paramount, which is why background checks are needed.

Avoiding Liability

If you hire an employee without running a background check, you could be getting yourself into legal trouble. For example, if you were to hire a truck driver with previous DUIs, which you did not know about, they could potentially find themselves in an accident under the influence, in which you would be held accountable and liable for. It is vital that you have a thorough idea of the employees you plan to bring into your business to avoid any such circumstance.

Giving Peace of Mind

As the owner of the business, you will want your company to stay at the top of its game and bring you the success you work hard for each day. With that in mind, running background checks on employees can help give you peace of mind and enable you to trust all your colleagues. Trust is one of the key factors in running an efficient business, so it is clear to see the importance of background checks.

Running a background check on every potential employee is vital to ensure the candidate you plan to bring into your business is suitable and relevant for the role you are offering.

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