Sales Force Automation Software – Must-Have Features

Oftentimes, your sales representatives have to deal with a lot of multitasking. Sales teams face a lot of pressure and sometimes they might mess up their key responsibilities, which consequently leads to decreased sales results. In today’s hypercompetitive environment where the sales cycle tend to get longer businesses cannot afford to make too many mistakes. In addition, it is difficult to evaluate the performance of your team and each individual member. These factors can actually put your business at a disadvantage. Luckily, there is a solution that can transform a group of individual sales managers into a result-oriented team with common business goals.

Sales force automation (SFA) is a technological solution that can transform the way your sales reps use information and approach the sales process. Appropriate SFA software positively affects your organization by enhancing all of the sales processes in the sales pipeline. As a driving force of your business, your sales team needs the tools to increase revenue and drive your company’s success.

Sales force automation tools provides companies with great range of functionality: from sales predictions to a complete overview of your customers. Take a closer look at the features that every SFA software should offer:

Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting will stimulate your sales team to work more efficiently. Detailed analytical indicators will give a deep insight into customer behavior based on existing sales trends and previous customer communications. You will also have access to prospects on every stage of the sales pipeline. These breakthrough metrics enable your sales managers to see the bigger picture of the sales activities and plan their sales accordingly.

Synchronized Workflow

The time when every important notification or task had to be recorded on paper has passed. Your managers will not be able to navigate in countless volumes of emails, notes, planned events and mixed spreadsheets if you do not have a single platform where all of documents are unified on a single platform. Excellent SFA software has the ability to import all valuable data from Excel and integrate with MS Exchange. Once again, your sales reps will have the ability to be aware of all the changes that might occur to work as a real team.

Customization Options

Customize your sales force automation solution in accordance to the specific needs of your company. Rearrange the layout of the entire SFA application to get access to the data you need most. Also, if you need to communicate with your contacts, you can create templates for any type of documents. Individual personalization option will give your sales staff the ability to adjust the interface of the software in the way that will work for them best.

Lead Management

Members of the sales team do not have to work separately on their leads – suitable SFA solution gives the opportunity to identify the stage your prospects are at. After careful evaluation of all leads, the system will distribute the sales-ready prospects to the right sales representatives.

With customers becoming more demanding than ever, the task of retaining the clients has never been more obvious. Not to mention that your sales representatives need to recognize potential sales opportunities on the early stage of the pipeline. Understanding the high standards your customers establish is a key to getting the deal closed faster. Integration of sales force automation will give your firm the opportunity to identify each contact by creating a full profile on your existing customers and early-stage leads. Such systematic approach will help your sales reps recognize potential deals from the very beginning, which are most likely to convert in deals later.

Your sales team will undoubtedly appreciate the benefits of sales force automation. The tool will help them understand the structure of potential sales, making the predictions easier and more specific. Establish an efficient pipeline of the sales process and your team will uncover a completely new level of productivity. For example, bpm’online platform provides excellent SFA software that can give you a sensible expectation of the future customer-behavior based on your past events, performances and client’s previous actions. The best SFA software is equipped with analytical filters that will scan all of the available data to forecast your future deals. Of course, that would be impossible if it were not for accurate metrics. You have to understand that unlike SFA solutions, Excel spreadsheet formula and shrewd business acumen will not be able calculate precise analytics. An in-depth review of your business activity consists of dozen of critical indicators.

Another amazing bonus is that you can use certain SFA solutions to easily handle your leads from anywhere in the world. Moving towards cloud-based platforms is probably one of the most significant achievements in sales automation industry. Liberated from the need to install the software on countless PCs, companies worldwide are exploring the advantages of cloud-based options.

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