Safety Advice for Motorcycle Users

Motorcycle users are among the most vulnerable to accidents even when they just add up to less than 1% of total road users. Safety, therefore, remains to be an important discussion for all motorcyclists. Before using any motorcycle, it is important that you learn all the safety tips to help reduce accidents on roads. As part of safety measures, basic maintenance on the motorbike is an essential aspect. This is to ensure that your bike is fit for the road before using it.

Important Safety Advice for Motorcycle Users

To ensure you stay safe while riding a motorcycle, you should follow the following advice.

Motorbike Maintenance

As part of safety measures, basic maintenance on the motorbike should be your priority. This is to ensure that your bike is fit for use. If you do not perform regular maintenance on your motorbike, it may break down causing an accident when riding it. Basic motorcycle maintenance would require you to have a little knowledge of motorcycle spares and parts (Buy parts). Motorcycle users should have regular checks on the following parts

• Brakes – Check on your motorcycle brake pads and ensure that they are not worn out. If they are, ensure you change them before riding your motorcycle.
• Chains and sprockets – Keeping your chains and sprockets in the best condition is very important.
• Spark plugs – Renew your spark plugs when they are badly corroded or dirty.
• Tyres- A check up on the pressure of your tyres should be done to ensure there are no leaks.
• Air filters- They should be regularly cleaned and replaced when need be. Damaged air filters expose the engine to dust and other particles which causes damage of engine parts.
• Motorcycle oil filters, lights, motorcycle batteries, and engine valves among others.
• You should also have a few basic motorcycle spares with you, when riding on a long journey.

Motorbike Protective Gear

Wearing protective gear reduces potentially fatal consequences. Although injuries are likely to occur, a protective gear minimises the severity of the injuries. Protective gear includes;
• Helmets – By law, all motorbike users must have helmets while riding on the road. Helmets protect the head from damage in case of an accident, hence reducing the severity of facial and brain injuries.
• Protective clothing – This includes motorbike gloves, boots, and motorcycle leathers. They protect the skin, legs, and arms from severe injuries.

Proper Training

Inexperienced riders are more prone to accidents than the experienced ones. Before taking a ride, one must ensure that they have enough skills and capacity to do so. Riders should undergo training and do relevant tests for licensing. Getting a course on motorcycle safety would be an additional advantage.

Adherence to Traffic Laws

Obeying traffic laws on speed limits, traffic signs, and other regulations will help keep you safe from accidents. These rules are meant to create order among road users thus reduce the number of accidents on the roads.

Other Safety Measures

Other safety measures include defensive riding, avoiding road hazards, monitoring weather forecast, riding in groups, and exercising personal discipline while riding on the road.

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