Recognized Management Institute offers Top Level Programs

Masters of Business Administration or MBA is designed to enhance the careers for those who are interested in business and management. This qualification leads to variety of job opportunities and increases earning potentials.

MBA students can gain a high-level strategic approach to decision making and also can have better leadership qualities. In fact, an MBA graduates have an adaptable approach to any changing business environments.

MBA students of the top management college in Dehradun also have the opportunity to do business specialization in various subjects that includes finance, human resources, economics, marketing, management, etc. The students can focus more with detailed studies on areas like global management, leadership in IT industry and various other sectors.

Some of the job opportunities for a MBA graduates are discussed below:

  • Marketing: Pursuing MBA in marketing can be useful, especially in brand management. It helps in generating innovative brand promoting strategies, which creates recognition for the product. One can also try into the advertising industry and can work well for advertising campaigns.
  • Human Resources (HR): This subject has a huge scope as it refers to all activities, which comes under the section of Human Resource Management. It starts with the planning that is the process of identifying the jobs vacant, staff management etc. An HR also selects and recruits a candidate for a post, along with the orientation programs. He/she also looks after the training and development programs.
  • Finance: This subject have a variety of opportunities, as one can be a chief financial officer. In addition, one can take up the role in an investment bank, accountancy, insurance agency, corporate finance and many other finance related jobs.
  • Accounting: The main task of an accountant is to examine and prepare financial records. He/she makes sure that records are accurate and the taxes are paid on time. Accountants keep an overview of the financial activities of a business, to run it efficiently. One can also go for specialization based on the type of job he/she wants to opt.
  • Project Manager: The project manager is in charge of specific projects within an organization. The job is to plan, budget, and take the responsibilities for all the documents of the project. Project managers can apply in various areas, starting from technical, IT, Human Resource to marketing and advertising world.

However, in order to get admission in the best MBA institute in Uttarakhand, candidates must complete graduation with minimum of required percentage, and qualify CAT/MAT with the minimum of required percentile, or should clear the written test conducted by the respective institutes.

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