Reasons to reconsider a remote job

With the increasing demand for remote jobs you would think that it has advantages that outweigh the disadvantages by far. However, this might not be true for every remote job. Most people start a remote job with an optimistic view but soon realize the dark side of an online job is almost just as big as the good side. This article will take a close look at what disadvantages exist for most people who work from home.

  1. Say goodbye to that promotion

Employees who regularly work from home are less often promoted than their colleagues who always work in the office. This is shown by multiple research from different countries. The most obvious reason for this is because people who do not come to work often will not be able to build relationships with their colleagues. Also, the supervisor might not be aware of all the hard work you put into your work. Think for example at the fact that your employer is not able to see if you work over time. Next to this, an employee who always shows up to work comes across as more reliable. Therefore, if you are just at the beginning of your career and still have a long way to climb up the latter, we would not recommend working from home.

# 2. Work-life (un)balance

Often it is indicated that a work from home job is ideal for a good work-life balance. But in practice, working from home hardly ever reduces the pressure on private life, this is according to different researches. An important reason why the work-life balance does not improve when working from home is because many homeworkers overwork a lot.  They find it difficult to only work from 9 to 5 as a overall office job would require. When an employee works from home they are tempted to ‘just finish their product’ or ‘just respond to a few more emails’. This results in a more unstable work to life balance than before someone started working from.

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