Premium Position: How to Secure the Best Office Spaces for Rent in Premium Hong Kong CBD

Office spaces are hard to come by whether you are in England, the United States, or Asia, specifically Hong Kong. The rental space is usually minimal, quite expensive, and requires multiple month contracts to be signed.

As a small business or start-up, you most likely do not have the funds to sign a two-year lease on an office space that is not near the business district. A better option would be to investigate virtual office spaces that include executive suites.

Keep reading to learn how and why to secure the best office spaces for rent in the Hong Kong area.

Go For Location

The best reason to look into virtual office spaces is to get the best location for your money. The address a professional virtual business services website that offers virtual office solutions including executive suites and co-working areas, as well as many amenities that you could benefit from by using a virtual office. A beautiful location overlooking the Victoria Harbor would give you the motivation to be more productive than ever.

Flexible Leases With Cost-Savings

Another excellent way to secure a grand office space in Hong Kong is to look for places with flexible contracts, as these will give you a much-needed break on your spending. Real estate in Hong Kong can be expensive, and the last thing you want to do is sign a two-year contract for a space that you do not like.

Virtual office solutions that places like Servcorp offer can take that uncertainty of a 24-month contract away. They allow you to lease month-by-month with only a one-month security deposit payment.

Professional Appearance

As a business owner, you want to have a professional image for your business. The best way to do this is to be in the business district of Hong Kong. By securing a virtual office in the business district shows that you are a reputable company that is trustworthy and honest. With stunning views of the harbour, you will impress your prospective clients and show them you are the business for their needs!

Check Into Technology 

Another excellent way to secure the best office space for rent in Asia is to investigate the technology that comes with the rental space you are leasing. Does the traditional office space you are looking to rent come with a fast internet service provider? How much is the cost of the monthly internet service?

You want to make sure you investigate these issues before signing onto a two-year contract with no way to escape. By examining virtual office solutions and executive suites, you will see that the technology that is provided with this service is top-notch and highly regarded.

The internet speeds are quick with all the latest industry technology. You also gain an IT support team that can assist you with any problems you may encounter.


The last way to ensure you are securing the best office space possible in Hong Kong is to make sure the area has excellent telecommunications for your needs. Will you be experiencing dropped calls? Are there frequent outages that occur where you will not be able to make or receive calls?

With a virtual office and executive suite, you will receive only the best telecom network. You will also benefit from a dedicated receptionist that is available to answer your calls, take messages, and greet guests as well as prospective clients.

Why is a Virtual Office Space the Best Rental Space for Your Hong Kong Business?

By using a virtual office solution such as an executive suite for your business needs, you are gaining multiple advantages. Not only are you gaining the beautiful views of the Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong, but you are also receiving top-notch internet and telecommunication services for a very inexpensive cost when you compare traditional office spaces to that of virtual business services.

You also gain a professional office building with a five-star address, which will impress your clients and show your trustworthiness as a company. Lastly, you can obtain a month-to-month lease, so if your circumstances change, you are not stuck in a contract you have to break. Check into virtual office solutions today!

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