Places We Use Math In Everyday Life

When we purchase a car or follow a food recipe or decorate a home, we are using mathematics principles. People have been using such principles for hundreds of years, across nations and continents. Whether we are cruising a boat off the coast or constructing a house in London, we are using math to get things done.

How can a subject be so ubiquitous? Initially, we human beings didn’t contrive the mathematics concepts; we unearthed them. The math language is numbers, it is neither English nor Latin nor French. If we are well proficient in this language of numbers, it helps us take significant decisions and execute day to day activities. It can help us to purchase prudently, buy the virtuous insurance, remodel a house within the budget, comprehend the population growth or even predict on the horse with the best luck of winning the contest.

This article is a ready reckoner for the students, which unveils the places that we use math in everyday life.

  • Shopping – How much does the apparel fetch once the 30% sale has pertained? How about once the 10% tax is added? What if it’s publicized as “half price” or “30% off the sale price”? Whenever we shop, we calculate the percentage of the amount that is going out of our pocket as the tax. These concepts of calculating the selling price, cost price and the percentage of tax imposed on the goods are well explained in the RD Sharma class 10 solutions in a simple way.
  • Cooking – The recipe depends upon the “3 tablespoons” of an ingredient. We only have either a teaspoon or a soup spoon. The recipe depends upon “1/2 cup,” but we only have a half cup of measuring tool and one cup measuring tool. How much adds up to “1/2”? We know the answer. However, that’s because we comprehend mathematics, fractions and conversions. Adjusting teaspoons to tablespoons is one thing, changing pounds to kilograms is another big aspect.

There are many other places we use math in our daily lives. Some of them are less common, but math is an irreplaceable skill set in terms of outliving in this society. If there are some mathematical aspects that we don’t know, it can only help us to solicit a path to learn and comprehend it. There are a few books like RD Sharma class 11 solutions that teach us the best chapters of mathematics. To know more subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel.

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