Chiro Recruit – Effective And Rewarding Jobs For Chiropractors

Alternative medical treatments like chiropractors have independent or supportive role in the healthcare industry. The chiropractors apply their deep understanding of the musculoskeletal, and spinal systems to offer health care services with commitment and dedication. Clients and patients are entitled to the services of trustworthy and effective healthcare professionals, and our chiro recruits have the required qualifications due to stringent screening procedures during selection. At our agency, We offer the special talents and skills of only the most reliable chiro associates in healthcare and rehabilitation therapy to ensure high standards, reputation, and quality of treatment.

The human body is delicate and susceptible to damage and breakdown due to accidents, lifestyle choices, diseases, and disorders. There are a large number of natural treatment options for patients affected by problems related to muscles, nerves, spine, neck, tissue, and joints. The common misconception is that chiropractors offer massage therapy to treat muscle and skeletal disorders. This is not true, since the chiropractor is a licensed practitioner who offers therapeutic and rehabilitative services that also includes massage. The patients affected by joint pains, headaches, swelling, sleeplessness, anxiety and tension are treated by the dedicated chiropractors only after proper evaluation and diagnostic procedures to study the symptoms.

At our agency, we enforce strict guidelines in both chiro recruit services and client or patient assignments. The requirements of the client or healthcare institute are properly understood, and the best chiropractic talent is recruited and assigned at affordable prices. The best chiropractors with verified credentials are employed after thorough assessment of their theoretical knowledge, practical skills and relevant experience. The chiro associate is assigned to the client or patient in a planned and co-ordained manner to ensure complete satisfaction to both the concerned parties. The assigned chiropractor would have the necessary expertise and area-specific practical skills to provide the best possible therapeutic or diagnostic care. Our clinical and entrepreneurial abilities, make us one of the best agencies for recruitment of chiro associates on a full term or part time basis.

The chiropractors, whom we recruit, have the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic skills that are required to ensure effective patient care. Our associate has the ability to evaluate x-rays, blood and urine tests to diagnose the patient’s source of discomfort and provide necessary treatment or cure. The chiropractor is recruited and assigned the healthcare work with the primary objective of restoring and maintaining the patient’s health.  A holistic and professional approach is adopted to treat various pains, aches, infections, inflammations, tensions, spasms, and other nerve and spine related complaints. The patients with chronic pain are provided special care with treatments tailored to meet their unique requirements.  The pain relief measures and massage therapy are balanced and implemented in a phased manner with adequate planning and preparation.

The chiro recruit provided by our agency has the professional training to accurately implement all the required rehabilitative exercises and regimens.  The chiropractor focuses on hard tissue, joints, and spine to locate the source of tension, pain, or swelling. Subsequently, The clinical manipulations and adjustments are performed to treat the chronic or intermittent pain symptoms for effective relief and recuperation.

For more information on chiropractic therapy, massages, back and neck pain cures, contact our customer service executive today. You will be guaranteed friendly advice and a convenient appointment, along with a specific health care plan at competitive prices. Call today or send an email.

The benefits of Online Security Program

An Online security Program is an awareness program run through the internet which can include training on protecting various types of information for security reasons. With this, the company trains the employees to avoid errors with regards to information security. These programs are not limited to class rooms, but can be done through security awareness websites also to help employees to understand the security policies and best practices of the organization. Request for these CFISA Training programs does not mean that employees are the first threat but it is to guide them to avoid some usual mistakes that would result in big errors.

What types of Training are available?

There are various types of security trainings available based on the organization and your job. And there are a few that would be compulsory irrespective of what your job profile is. Those would be trainings like Physical Security, Desktop, password, virus, etc.

How are they run and what do they include?

Organizations run these company-wide security programs on a regular basis to keep them reminding and updating the security policies, procedures and best practices of the company. They include information on company security policies, workspace security, data handling and sharing, password security, malware, desktop security and most important copyright.

Why is it important?

Many security issues arise if you are unable to handle your workstations, passwords, file sharing etc. Many employees do not understand the complexity behind a few things like allowing their family and friends to use their office laptops, downloading and browsing stuff that is not required for their job, connecting their gadgets to their laptops, not having the latest antivirus installed and unnecessary teasing of IT systems of their laptop. With security training programs, employees are made to understand the complexities that arise due to these actions. Training aids like posters, hints on computer desktops, website CFISA Training and tests are conducted to explain and access their understanding.

What are the Benefits of security training programs?

  1. Informing the users of your data, i.e your employees about the threats and preventing leaking of important company information will itself save a lot of problems that could affect the company. This would lead in confident staff who knows how to handle the company data.
  2. It adds to the further layers of security that would have been laid by the organization.
  3. By establishing data security as a priority, employees become more and always practice best practices. They also support their colleagues and ensure data security. This would also lead to a better culture in the organization which will give them higher satisfaction levels.
  4. Having all employees who avoid data breach will also save you a lot of money. By investing in training you are not only saving the business but also are saving on the time that you would spend correcting an error that would have happened unknowingly and in fact you are reducing the chance of facing such an issue.
  5. knowing that your employees are trained to take care of the data, gives you peace of mind and you would have more confidence that your business is on the right track to success.

Branding yourself in the market is easier like never before

As they say what’s in a name, but wait, everything is in a name as it’s the recognition you gain when talking about the business. All around, you will see the consultants, who will tell you which names suits your image perfectly and how does business happen. We talk about a website here which offers you within budget services in a quick time. It is Nameperfection that we are talking about and this website has everything that you seek to have. First point of concern in branding your business is that you should have perky names which make you recognizable in the competition which requires being unique.

How the services from Nameperfection help you out?

While launching your business, you need to take up the names which are completely new and are bound to get browsed in your category of work. For instance, there is a .com domain which is the most browsed one and makes you a known entity in the realm of the business. Experts recommend that your company’s name has to match up with .com so that you are more visible and as per the customer tendencies, they search the name of the company by with name.

When you have picked up the right name of the company, chances of acquiring better customer base is quite probable which helps you in establishing your business in a better way. This company offers you consultation in the field of business with the names that you are going to fall for which includes the following:

  • catchy business
  • cool company
  • creative business
  • cute business
  • trendy business

Besides that, you need to keep in mind that having an understanding of branding and related terms also helps you to assimilate the business trend in a better way. Many times, people look for search domains which are of great help and when it comes to naming your business, there is a website which can work well in your favor to get what you seek to have.

There are several products categories as well in which services are provided including the following ones:

  • Financial
  • Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Beauty
  • Education
  • Travel
  • Technology
  • Sports
  • Social
  • Shopping
  • Service
  • Security
  • Real Estate
  • Production
  • Product
  • Photography
  • Organization
  • Music
  • Multimedia
  • Financial
  • Fashion
  • Event
  • Entertainment
  • Energy
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Computer

The products offered by the company are in line with the best kind of services which help you in making the most of it. Branding is a must and nothing can be overlooked because of the business risks involved. Having an impactful name makes you a known face in the industry and you need to have the right kind of things in mind while talking about the branding process adopted in the current business scenario.

You need to keep in mind certain tricks and tips for choosing the best consultant available and with a firm like Nameperfection, chances of getting more recognition indeed becomes a commendable thing.



This new rebranded knowledge first financial company has again stepped in the market with new approach, new goal, new vision, new mission to get back his No.1 position in the business field. George Hopkinson, the President and CEO of the company, who joined in the year 2009, has changed the name of the company to just that, now surly for next 10-15 years, the company is going to withstand in the market i.e., for long term with sustainable growth.  Its vision and mission are very simple for the education related services. Its vision is to support and help students in completing their post-secondary education by giving them solutions for a peace of mind. Knowledge First financial reviews are very good with a positive feedbacks, as always their first priority is the children’s future by passing the post-secondary education.

The name knowledge first financial is installed in the company along with some changes and implementation of few set of new values in the company. They are: at the first, the first priority goes to the customers by helping them in achieving their education saving goals, second is integrity i.e., to be very truthful and professional with the customer, there is no compromise in this case, third is result determines success, fourth is sales drive business and lastly teamwork is most important just to achieve a common goal and focus on it. This values are the most key for the changes in this company. And other than this there are some other ideas and values implemented by Hopkinson to make company the best RESP retailer company and organization in the market. The only plan of Hopkinson is to make the company sustainably growth and last around the market at least for 15-20 years  and become the one of the successful company in the market. In this new year the knowledge first financial has already introduced his new and complimentary products. And along with this, it has already planed of the second phase of rebranding transformation, which is known as the Flex First Plan.

Hopkinson, flex first plan is a dollar based group plan which is offering loyalty and flexibility with 9.5 percent contribution. And Hopkinson, himself is very excited for the introduction of the second phase in the market, as it the new product after the transformation of the company. According to the Gorge Hopkinson, whenever they is a new transformation in the company, it should have a sustainable growth for a long term and it should have a goal, proper vision and mission. And when it comes to the educational saving goals business, than it should have best customer service, best products along with that best compliance in the business. George has done a very work by changing the name and bringing transformation in the company.  By following this values and step the knowledge first financial reviews are increasing day by day and getting positive results. Because of which they are getting success in the business and securing no.1 position in the market. Finally, their aim is in the way to success.

Choosing Which Training Path is Right for You

If you are sitting at a desk and are tired of your current job, then you need to think about a number of training options that are open to you. It is a scene that is repeated all over the country on a daily basis as employees are tired of their current job and hope that something better would come along. When you think about the many options that are open to an employee that is in a rut and tired of the current job that they have. When this happens, it is best that one of the courses that they take is to not ask for a promotion but to take some course that will give them a distinct advantage in the work world.

Fire Marshal Training  is one of the top areas that a person might want to look at in hopes of getting a different type of job that they might have not otherwise thought about. There are a lot of advantages to becoming a fire marshal that a person might want to look at. Things like being able to look at the dangers that will be posed to a business. One of the things that a person in this field will need to know is the science of fire and how it reacts in a number of different situations.

Health and Safety Consultants are a growing field of expertise that many people will want to make sure that they look at. These people are tasked with the job of coming in seeing where there are safety issues and then train employees how to be safe in the workplace and how to react to a number of the many safety concerns that will arise. In addition to this, coming up with a safety manual for the employees to go by will also help the company to make the most from their training.

Manual Handling Training is all about how to lift loads with your legs and save on your back by not lifting in the wrong manner. Having the needed training in this area will be vital in helping to keep a person’s back in good shape and allow them the chance to avoid any of the injuries that will follow them. When you have the needed training in this field, then you can go around from place to place and train other workers to help and maximize the earnings that a company will experience. The best part of all these classes is that a good number of them can be taken online and will give a person much needed information to be well trained and will be in a position that they will be able to change their overall line of work and will go into a new line of work.

As you can see, there is a wide range of places that you can go with trying to acquire a new line of work, you will simply need to pick one and go down the proper path. If you are tight on funds, then you may want to look at free online training that is offered for a person to improve their pay grade.

Financial Investment Services for better future

Financial service is a term for the financial services market. Financial service is a term used to describe firms that deal with money management. Examples include banks, investment banks, insurance companies, and credit card firms and securities brokers. According to financial expert, chip Wilson and his expert team.

It is part of the financial system which provides for the financing of a variety of different financial instruments, products, and services.

These are the types of companies on the market that offer a lot of money and investment related services. These services are the largest issuing market in the world as a result.

Challenging the market for services, such as forcing market participants to keep up with step-by-step and preventive technological development and make them more efficient and to reduce costs and risks.

These services can be increasingly important as the CFO and consume a wide range of business services and products. Current Fortune 500 listed 40 commercial banks in turnover of nearly $ 341 trillion, up 3% over last year.

The importance of financial services –

It serves as a bridge to make people more control over their finances, and a better investment. Financial services offered by a banking institution or a financial planner (chip Wilson) can help people manage their money better. It offers customers the opportunity to realize their goals and a better plan.

It is presence of financial proposals, which makes it possible for a country to improve its economic situation, with additional production in all sectors, leading to monetary growth.

The benefits of economic growth are reflected in the people’s economic prosperity in the way a person has a high standard of living. Financial Services Here you can buy an individual or buy a variety of consumer goods through the purchase of rental. There are a number of financial institutions that make up the profits. Its presence in financial institutions, supported by investment, production, savings,

Characteristics: –

Custom: These services are usually operated by customers. Among the companies that offer these services to examine in detail the needs of their clients before taking into consideration their financial strategy, taking into account the cost of liquidity and the maturity of reasons.

Missing: A highly comprehensive environment around the universe, brand reach is the most important part. If the financial institutions that provide financial products and services have a good reputation and the trust of their dealers.

Escort: The provision of these amenities and the provision of these services should be included. Both functions namely the income of innovative and new monetary products and their services, to be held simultaneously.

The trend of deterioration: In contrast to financial services, other services tend to get lost and cannot be saved. They must be made according to the customer’s request. That is why financial institutions for adequate synchronization between supply and demand.

Services for people: Market these services need to be complicated and therefore the variability or perfection of service to people. Markets dynamics will largely depend on socio-economic changes are net profit, living standards, and educational change related to different classes of customers. Therefore, financial services need to be constantly re-taking into account the market dynamics and refined.

For the best and helpful financial tips or investment. You can visit us here for more info

How Do I Become A Virtual Recruiter?

Timing is everything and this is a GREAT time to learn how to become a virtual recruiter! Why? Just check the job listings under ‘recruiter’ or ‘talent acquisition’. There are thousands of jobs for all kinds of recruiters in our current candidate- driven marketplace. Another reason? The old staffing agency model is slowly dying and being replaced by experienced virtual recruiters working from home. And, more importantly, there is a looming labor shortage being caused by the current generation of retiring Baby Boomers!

Up until the last couple of years, you HAD to work for someone else if you wanted to be in the staffing and recruiting industry! The overhead, franchise fees, office equipment, training, back office systems and memberships just made it too expensive to work on your own.

Recruiting… Staying the Same but Constantly Changing

Recruiting basics remain the same but the ‘recruiter’ job description is always changing. Today’s modern recruiter has basically gone rogue’ and discovered the wonderful world of independent recruiting – working from home — and earning higher commissions than on-site recruiters. Being a recruiter is one of the few jobs that actually lends itself to working remotely (virtually). In fact, recent studies show that virtual recruiters (those working from home) are actually MORE productive than on-site recruiters! Working primarily at home is the main difference between a virtual recruiter and the old staffing on-site recruiter role and, best of all, you will probably earn higher commissions working independently.

So… How Do I Become a Virtual Recruiter?

The most important step is to study the job description and daily habits of an experienced recruiter and determine if you have the skills, commitment and interest to make it as a competent, full-cycle, money-producing recruiter. Though the following requirements of the ‘recruiter’ job description are NOT all inclusive, they will give you a pretty good idea of what your daily tasks will be.

The first set of requirements come from the ‘traditional staffing agency’ recruiter job description and the second list includes qualifications that I would include for all forward-thinking, effective and successful future virtual recruiters:

Traditional Requirements for Recruiters

1. Complete knowledge and control of ‘cradle-to-grave’ placement process (25 or so unique steps) including:

relationship building
creative sourcing and recruiting
managing the entire interview process
controlling all critical aspects of a successful placement
liaison between your candidate and your hiring company
billing and collecting your fee
2. Meeting educational requirements (4 yr degree a plus) and/or industry specialization and training

3. Acting professionally and ethically at all times

4. Maintaining good time management skills; being self-motivated and results driven

5. Personable with good communication, listening and writing skills

6. Computer/Internet savvy with knowledge of social networking and other passive recruiting techniques

Future Qualifications for Virtual Recruiters

Always stay in learning mode; pay attention to industry/job trends in order to act as a true consultant to your clients
Understand that job board candidates only represent 20% of the possible workforce; most candidates are happily employed and are NOT on the job boards
Understand the baby boomer generation and looming labor shortages
Know your metrics – and how to adjust them for best results
Keep abreast of trends and innovative recruiting techniques to stay competitive in state-of-the-art recruiting practices
Always be involved in training, training, training
Listen twice as much as you speak and know the right questions
Learn to leverage your time and grow your business through outsourcing
BUT… Is It Worth It?

The answer is simple. A contingency fee recruiter can easily earn $50-$120K a year; in-house corporate recruiters with full cycle recruiting skills will earn $60-$95K or more. Contract recruiters make anywhere from $20-$75 per hour — depending on their skills and the industry. Virtual recruiters earn up to 80% of the placement fee* vs the average 20-30% for on-site recruiters. Not only can you earn a very generous income but you will have the luxury of working from home!

The Most Important Element of Your Success

The most important requirement for success in your new virtual recruiting career is… training, TRAINING, TRAINING! It’s like the old paradigm used when starting a new business of ‘location, location, location’. You must find a great training program and a mentor/coach who will help you stay focused in applying your new skills and guiding your career as a recruiter. Your comprehensive training will teach you all of the traditional and future qualifications listed above.

Recruiting is not rocket science! You are not born with recruiter skills – they are all learned. And, the recruiter with the best training and time management skills will WIN every time in this exciting career opportunity of the future.

*Placement fees are paid by the hiring company based on a per cent of the first year’s compensation of the newly hired candidate. Fees range from a flat fee up to 35% of first year’s compensation.

Plan Your Immigration At Every Stage

According to the U.N. Population Division, there are now almost 200 million international migrants.

About 50% of these existing immigrants are illegal OR undocumented. The worldwide immigration trend is increasing day by day. The intending immigrants also do not have good immigration plans to retain their legal status for a longer duration. They normally overstay their Visa period due to many reasons beyond their control. Then these overstayed/illegal immigrants are forced to live under inhumane circumstances for next many years of their life.

Immigration Laws and society do not help illegal immigrants.

80% of the world immigrant’s population is based on financial inspirations. They migrate in pursuit of financial freedom and happiness. Their existing recourses are not enough. They take big risk of their life to do OR die. Sometimes they loose life during their journey of Hope.

But most hardworking immigrants who plan their immigration with proper research and knowledge of immigration laws and procedures are normally able to achieve their immigration goals successfully. They define their immigration objectives in a very realistic way. Their immigration plan was similar to a good business plan. Their every immigration step is pre-planned and anticipated. They know their limitations of resources and set realistic immigration targets to be achieved.

We will be publishing a series of Articles about IMMIGRATION PLANS prepared and executed by intelligent and hardworking immigrants to achieve their short OR long term immigration objectives. These samples Immigration plans will help and guide the international immigrant communities to develop their personal immigration plans for their own success.

These series of real world immigration plans are true ground realities. Due to privacy reasons the actual Names of immigrants have been changed. We have tried to explain the immigrants thought process while developing their immigration plans.

The title of our next article will be” Immigration plan of a poor student” This Immigration plan was successfully operated by a young student. I have a blog on Immigration where you can get information on immigration and visas

How To Select A Good HRMS

Human resource management is now technology-dependent. Technology brings forth automation that is replacing manual interference in all aspects of HR management. This automated feature helps increase productivity. As a result, HR functions involving employee payroll management, their performance assessment, recruitment management, time-sheet management and all related services have become convenient, error-free, and obviously less time-consuming.

Driven by automation, all HR modules have become streamlined at the integration and centralization of an end-to-end human resource management system (HRMS). So, when enormity of its benefits is so large, making mistakes in selecting competitive HRM System from almost endless options is quite natural. Below are some quick tips to keep in mind while considering an HRMS. If you keep these points in mind, you will save yourself headaches and money.


A) Explore the HRMS market thoroughly. This software market is fraught with choices. Buyers often tend to get confused to understand which of them best suits with their needs. So, determine at first whether you need a system that can manage employee-wise database, help track their performance and attendance, automate the payroll processes, lower employee hiring costs, and other functions. You need to evaluate all available software you get by to ensure any one of them meets your needs to the full.

B) Evaluate comprehensive solution and project-wise solution. You will find comprehensive solution for all HR functions, as well as project-wise solutions. For instance, if you want to automate manpower and time accounting management effectively and efficiently, you need to research the features of those systems that have time-sheet module. Again, an appraisal management system will be fit to track employee performance and manage their contributions to their organization.

C) Request the vendor for a demonstration of the software. Make sure software vendors demonstrate the performances of their software and give you their trial versions so that you can get hands-on experience. It helps find out which one of them has more compatible features. To evaluate their performance, ask your HR staff members to try the software and provide feedback.

D) Refer the systems to your information technology specialists. Let your IT professionals evaluate the systems. They will be the best persons to point out their merits and demerits. As per their feedback, you can shortlist the software vendors.

E) Select the HRM System that meets your budget. Market is full of HRM software developers and that seems to be a hard place to put across your choice suitably. You can still expect to come by solutions that can be within your budgetary planning.

Bear one thing in mind that whoever you select, make sure you have selected the one that has longstanding business profile in the market. Do not forget to check out whether its existing clients are happy with their service or not.

Paylite has developed an online HRMS that can help manage employee-wise database, including their educational and professional profiles, skills, salary progression, assets tracking, important details for driving license, visa, work permit, passport etc. It features comprehensive and user-friendly leave and air-ticket management. It meets all regional requirements also.

Education is the True Path to Success

Government has a big role in providing its citizens proper education. Pakistan has undergone a number of changes since 1980s. Recent policy changes is slowly shaping the nation, making it look more and more like Western nations that embrace “Americanization.” Pakistan is rapidly losing its social democratic status. Unfortunately, the so-called economic restructuring that is currently taking place is having adverse effects on the Pakistani school system and its students also. By analyzing the changes made to Pakistan’s education system we can track neoliberalism’s level of growth in the country. Privatization of education means transferring taxpayers’ money designated for public education to luxuries of the Government, corporations, and/or individuals instead of to public schools, colleges, and universities. For the poor and middle class people, to have access in proper education, government’s educational free facilities are most vital; should be available.

It is undisputed that common man creates government. Government exists to assure and protect the will of the people. Contrarily, against our will, almost all our costs of living including cost of education are now blatantly rigged against us. A huge percentage of our tax ultimately ends up in the pockets of politicians. Experience of the past about five years proves that our tax money is not going into our community; it is going into the pockets of the billionaires called our leaders – it is obscene. Our ruling elite have engineered a financial coup and have brought war to our doorstep; they have launched a war to eliminate the Pakistani middle and lower class. They have deprived the people of getting affordable quality education. Private and self-finance public institutes have high fees so the poor cannot afford that fee. Private or self-financing education is nothing but making our country back because not only rich people, who can afford, but also lower class and middle class families also have brilliant children and they want to study further in good institutions but financial problems create much stress upon them, students get a lot of stress, and sometimes it make them so desperate that they think to commit suicide thus who lose the talent? Our leaders, our country!

The state of the Pakistani educational system began to change and ultimately crumble after the 1980s. So called reforms have dramatically changed Pakistan’s educational system, both from an economic and pedagogical perspective. There are clear signs that an affordable quality education in Pakistan is under threat. Pakistan’s education system has fallen victim to neo-liberal globalization. Neo-liberalism has regarded the educational institutes more as a commodity exchange and commercial body than as a sacrosanct academic institution or means of social and national integration.

It is generally accepted that the educational level of each country have a direct relationship with its development; as much people have access to education, the country has more opportunities to grow. Therefore government has to spend an important part of its budget to provide good educational levels for its people. With the help of Government, the public institutions should promote access, affordability and attainment in education including higher education by reining in costs, providing value for poor families, and preparing students with a high quality education to succeed in their careers. The more hardworking students must be provided with a fair shot at pursuing higher education, because education is not a luxury: it is an economic imperative that every hardworking and responsible student should be able to afford.

Educational system is today being formulated only to meet the demands of government to meet neo-liberal agenda. Political leaders have been able to get away with these changes. The quality of education is going down, students are feeling the pressure to get the grades and teachers are left to deal with the ambiguity and the uncertainty of how to achieve the objectives and standards set by the state. This has had negative consequences on the educational system in Pakistan, which are impacting students, teachers and communities. Our educationists and the Government have done nothing to upgrade the quality of Pakistan’s education system.

The bitter truth is our corrupt political elite don’t want common people getting world-class education. PPP Government is out to systematically wipe out the HEC’s achievements and destroy it in absolute terms. The poor are more marginalized after education is commercialized. Our children want education but they fail to cope in universities because everything is out of reach for middle and lower middle class students. Pakistan needs highly educated people to deal with the growing political dynamics that prevail – we should not be looking at the possibilities of outsourcing decision-making to external forces simply because we do not have people educated enough to strategize Pakistan’s policies. To achieve this goal there must be affordable higher education in place. The government should also direct its efforts towards villages. It should open more schools and employ more teachers.

Opening of schools does not mean erecting costly buildings and employing an army of unwilling teachers who are not fit to do what they are required to do, as had been the case during last five years. Only merit based dedicated staff can make the dream of education for all a reality. The government should provide scholarships to brilliant students. The Government should be committed to placing a good education within reach of all who are willing to work for it helps build a strong Pakistani middle class. Equal opportunities of development to all the children during the period of growth should be the aim of the Government. Healthy and educated citizens are the driving force of a nation’s productivity; the government should invest on this for the people to achieve their optimum well-being. We believe the government has an obligation to ensure that ample funding is made available to education sector. By investing in education, the government will be investing in its own success story of human resource development.