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Learning is something that no matter what our age is we keep doing. In fact, we are learning new things each and every time and the internet these days have served as the best source of learning. And no matter the type of the learning the internet is ready to provide you with that and thus it has made the learning easier and quicker for us now. The Internet has made our lives very comfortable in a various kind of ways and helping us to learn and teaching things is one of those ways. When we talk about learning we can be talking about anything and it is rather amazing that internet has the ability to teach us anything that we want to learn and what we can think of right now. Learning small things in life that we keep doing no matter the struggle but with all these things learning about our own religion is important and so the internet teaches us about all the religions but when we talk about Islam what can be the best way to learn things that the Quran when we combine the Quran and interpret the Quran and Islamic studies are made easier because now a lot of the Islamic and Quran courses are available online. Learning about our own religion is something that is getting kind of tough now with all the busy schedule and especially for the people that live in the non-Islamic countries so internet seems like the safe option for learning such things. When we talk about learning Quran we must know that there are a lot of the sites and the academies online that offer you this course but the Online Quran academy that we are going to talk about is known as the TarteeleQuran

TarteeleQuran; An Online Quran Academy

Before we go talking about the TarteeleQuran and how this academy works we must know that meaning of the name of this academy. Well, the name of the academy is Arabic in language and it means the recitation of the Holy Quran. And just like the name indicates the academy helps you learn that and how to recite Quran in proper order. Basically, this academy is the best way for the youth and the youngsters to learn Quran and whatever they want to know and learn about Quran is provided in this academy. The good thing is that you didn’t actually have to go to some Islamic Quran teaching center but you can now do it while sitting at home. If you are not sure about what you want to earn you can take free trial classes that are offered by this academy and can figure out your course of study. This TarteeleQuran academy is built by the Tarteel Technologies Pakistan. The Academy has the best Quran teachers that can make the Quran learning easy and motivational for you. People from almost70 countries are learning from this academy and has by far the best Quran learning experience.

Courses offered by this academy

Following is the list of the courses that are offered by the TarteeleQuran Academy and you can pick any one of the course and can try it out for the trial so you can know if you want to continue it or not

  • Quran memorization online
  • Quran Foundation (Basic tajweed)
  • Quran for beginners
  • Online Ijazzah Course
  • Learn ten pillars online
  • Pillars of Islam Belief System
  • Daily Islamic captions
  • Learn Noorani Qaida online
  • Learn tafsir online
  • Islamic studies for Kids

So these are all the courses that you can join on this Quran academy.

Procedure for taking the classes

You can take the classes online on this academy very easily and you can do it very simply. The first thing that you need to do is fill an online; in form that is provided to your by the academy in which you have to fill the information needed for the courses and then you can start taking the trial classes and once you start developing interest in the chosen course you can sign up and start learning the Quran by any of the above-mentioned courses and can get your classes online on Skype.

So this way you can learn Quran and Islamic studies easily with the help of this Quran Academy.

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