Make Your Bright Future in Biotechnology Sector

Engineering is the ribcage of economic growth and employment in India. Biotechnology is the part of engineering and it is a rapidly growing career path. This is the eminent option to make a blooming career. In this engineering segment, expert study bio-molecular procedures to build versatile mechanism and products that facilitate improvement in our health. We have observed tremendous changes over the last couple of years; aspirants are taking desperate interest in biotechnology sector. This field offers spacious career alternative.

This is a great field however if any student wants to make his/her career in biotechnology, he/she must have interest and eligibility. To enter this sector, it is ideal to think about it during your school days. The interested candidates must have cleared their 12th standard with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. After you complete 12th standard, you can choose accurate courses such as B-Tech in biotechnology or Bachelor of Science from the top biotechnology college in Dehradun so you can get the right opportunity to shape up your career in a precise direction.

Now we will understand the eligibility criteria to get admission in these engineering courses. Following are the standards to enter top biotechnology college in Uttarakhand-

  1. Clearing the joint entrance examination for IITs
  2. Pan India Engineering Entrance Examination so that you can get admission in the top biotechnology college in Uttarakhand
  3. Apart from these entrance exams, different engineering colleges also organize engineering entrance in their own premises. The students who are willing to do higher studies can opt for MBA in biotechnology.  It is mandatory to have bachelor degree in biotechnology and other subject associated to biological science if you want to pursue master degree in biotechnology. Most probable subjects in graduation are like Zoology, Botany, Chemistry or Biology, which are also common in master degree.

Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Technology and Science (SGRRITS) is one of the prominent engineering and top biotechnology college in Dehradun where thousands of students are developing their skills in order to achieve a great career and job opportunity in biotechnology. The institution has gained unmatched reputation in engineering field. Every year, its students complete their course and convert themselves into the hardcore professionals and experts in the biotechnology.

Different jobs opportunity in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is evidently the vibrant component of engineering and many sub-categories are associated with it. Nowadays, there is huge demand of biotechnical professionals in different business verticals and industries. We have listed some industries in which biotechnology experts are required:

  • Industrial Research and Development
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Health Care and Medical sector
  • Environment Protection
  • Agriculture
  • Medicine and Drug manufacturing
  • Animal Farming

Well, needless to describe that there are sufficient amount of jobs and career opportunities in biotechnology field in both government and private sector. All you need to get admission in top biotechnology college in Uttarakhand such Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Technology and Science (SGRRITS) is clearance of the entrance examination.

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