Is your DTH plan really the best

Are you buying a new DTH plan? Read this first.

DTH connections are becoming quite popular among people today. It is a common sight to see the dish antenna fitted to the roofs of houses or buildings. People prefer them for the wide choice of channels they provide. They are especially in demand in places that do not have good cable TV reception.

As a TV consumer, you are within your rights to demand clear picture quality, the channels you wish to see and affordable monthly payment for watching TV. These conditions are not met by most cable TV operators, who offer grainy transmission and a clutch of channels you are never going to watch. Even the most popular DTH providers might not have the kind of well-rounded packages that you expect.

Many providers, many limitations…

There are many DTH providers in the country today, but there is no point in buying into all their claims at face value. There are about seven major DTH providers in the country, but their DTH plans may have limitations if –

* The DTH plan is valid only for a certain region of the country.

* The plan carries only free to air channels.

* The installation process is cumbersome and customer service is lacking on many fronts.

* The connection is not available readily.

* The connection suffers network outages or bad transmission during inclement weather.

* The monthly packages are quite expensive.

* The monthly packages are not open to modification or if they offer less number of channels.

* The DTH plan does not have enough HD channels to choose from.

* The provider does not add new channels periodically.

But there is one DTH provider who surmounts all these potential problems to offer comprehensive, well-designed range of DTH plans. Switch to Airtel TV.

Airtel Digital TV – the best in DTH entertainment

Airtel DTH is simply the best there is in its category, in terms of channel numbers, transmission quality, customer service and ease of installation. You get a wide range of channels, and you can customise the pack as allowed, within the pack you choose. Thus, your TV viewing experience is dramatically improved.

Airtel DTH plans also incorporate value-added services to further sweeten the monthly pack. The picture quality is sharp and sound is immersive.

Broadly, this is why you should get Airtel DTH plans:

  • The best ever TV viewing experience. From sports to movies, and from TV shows to backdated content, you can have it all.
  • The monthly packs are affordable and offer wide variety.
  • Live events become twice as enjoyable with superior picture quality and thumping sound output.
  • There is a huge variety in both paid and free channels. Seamless transition from SD to HD is possible with Airtel DTH.
  • You can change the DTH plan at a later date.
  • The set top box is of HD quality. You can also upgrade the set top box if you want.
  • The installation process is quick and easy.
  • Recharging the DTH plan is simple – you can do it on the Airtel website or on the myAirtel app. The recharge is done in under one minute. You can also opt to change your DTH plan online on the website or app, right before the recharge stage.

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