How to use a Google Ads Certification Course to find PPC jobs

In the competitive field of digital marketing, it is crucial to develop the skills necessary to stand out from the crowd. Google Ads certification courses are one of the ways to do that. Certification provides enough evidence that the individual has all the required skills, which makes it easier for an employer to determine whether this person is right for the job.

Moreover, Google will always recommend marketers who have undertaken their Google Ads certification courses to employers. However, being certified does not guarantee that one will get a job. How you use your Google Ads certification is what determines your competitiveness and how fast you can secure employment. Below are a few ways in which Google Ads certification courses come in handy in seeking PPC jobs.

Step 1: Get Google Ads-Certified

In order for you to be certified, you must pass the Google Ads Certification Examinations with excellent grades. Unfortunately, the Google Academy for Ads has proven to be insufficient when it comes to helping students prepare to pass Google exams successfully – its objective is to provide an introduction into digital marketing, rather than exam preparation. Google study guides – which have been specifically designed to support students preparing for Google exams – are sometimes incomplete, despite the fact that Google recommends them as the best sources available to prepare for the assessments. The sheer volume of content offered to students with Google’s study guides as preparation for the exams makes it impractical for these guides to be used efficiently. However, there are alternatives offered by online educational institutions, such as PPC University.

PPC University offers an effective exam preparation based on a highly effective Learning Management System (LMS) that mimics original Google exams, while at the same time offering feedback functionality for each incorrect response. Additionally, backlinks to the Google Academy for Ads and Google’s own Google Ads exam study guides allow PPC University students to verify answers using the original source.

In order for you to become a certified digital PPC marketer with Google, you must pass your exams with at least 80% (Grade: B-) of questions answered correctly. In comparison, PPC University will require you to pass your Google prep exams with a minimum score of 87% (Grade: B+), to make sure that you pass the official Google Ads assessments with flying colors. On average, PPC University students complete official Google exams with a success rate of 96.3% on their first attempt.

STEP 2: Develop your LinkedIn profile

Most employers and recruiting agencies will often check your online profile on social media and on LinkedIn in order to view your achievements before even considering hiring you. Therefore, it is wise to add your PPC certification achievements to the education section of your profile on LinkedIn. Luckily, PPC University has been officially recognized by LinkedIn as an educational institution, making it possible to integrate your exam preparation results from PPC University directly on LinkedIn, accompanied by PPC University’s official logo.

STEP 3: Use your PPC University Profile page

Do not ignore any opportunity that you have to showcase your academic achievements, especially those from Google Ads, since employers in the field of digital marketing are often looking for individuals with PPC marketing expertise. In this context, you can also use your PPC University profile page to showcase your examination results from official Google Ads certification courses. As an added bonus, your PPC University profile shows up in search engines, allowing potential clients or recruitment specialists to find you when searching for candidates on Google or on Bing.

STEP 4: Take advantage of Google Ads Grants Program



The Google Ad Grants Program is accessible to eligible non-profit organizations. The program consists of a FREE monthly ad budget of up to $10,000, providing an opportunity for hands-on experience to newly certified Google Ads specialist in search of clients. Google Ad Grants eligibility is easy to verify on Google’s Ad Grants homepage, allowing you to identify and approach the non-profit of your choice and offer them your services as a PPC marketing freshman. The time you spend helping such organizations not only allows you to build your profile and reputation, but also improves your skills as you put them into practice. Finally, you may be lucky to land into a non-profit organization that is willing to pay you an adequate monthly compensation for your services.

Author Biography: Stephan Becker, Founder, PPC University.

A digital marketing professional since 2006, Stephan Becker is the CEO of the Canadian digital marketing agency My Internet Marketing. Frustrated with outdated and ineffective digital PPC marketing courses, he founded PPC University in 2016 to help digital marketing beginners and seasoned professionals alike improve their knowledge in PPC marketing, while getting Google-certified at the same time. Via his blog at PPC University, Stephan also provides insights on how to secure the best PPC marketing jobs, and provides tips on how to become your own boss. Find Stephan Becker on LinkedIn  and on the PPC University blog.

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