How to Sell Your Art on Instagram

Because Instagram is a free photo and video sharing app widely available on Android, Apple iOS, and Windows phones, it is a perfect platform for selling your works of art. If you have a marketable artistic talent, you can upload photos and videos and share them with a select group of friends or followers. Your friends and followers can view, comment, and like these posts, allowing you to make the transition from producing art for your gratification to producing visual art for profit.

While Instagram is a social network like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, it also has some unique features. We have put together some suggestions to help you get started monetizing your artistic skills and learn how to make money on Instagram.

Start with positivity. Maintain your optimism. Because of its focus on both still and video visual image sharing, Instagram is perfect for businesses looking to sell art. As a result, you should feel empowered to sell your wares on this social media platform. Users on Instagram not only use the app to connect with others as a social community forum, but they also follow brands to look at products. Add product shots to your Instagram content calendar so that your followers can see what you are creating, and remind them that you are a business that has something to sell.

The proverb that nothing worth having comes easy is true, and when it comes to making your living through art, it can’t be said enough. Becoming an artist that can monetize her talent involves ongoing ingenuity and persistence. Effort and patience are key, so keep trying new things to get yourself noticed. Maintain strategies that work. Alter the ones that do not seem to be benefitting your business.

Install an Instagram sales app. Many smart apps have partnerted with Instagram to make selling easier for ecommerce entrepreneurs. Using apps such as Like2Buy can help a business sell the items featured on their Instagram feed through bios and posts, and through auto-generated emails with associated product links. Because people are on Instagram to peruse the photos, you run the risk that they might scroll right by your promotion if you wait for the caption to let people know your purpose.

Make sales in the photos by using your homepage as the destination URL that will prompt people to check out your business on an external site, in addition to purchasing products in the sales app. But don’t forget that Instagram, by design, wants users to remain on their platform to look at images and not tap away to another site, so tappable links are not allowed in photo captions. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security that people with choosing to highlight a URL in your caption and paste it into an internet browser. If you are adamant about your followers going to your ecommerce page, refer them to places Instagram permits.

Use Social Proof. Whenever possible, use the influence of others to help market your artistic talent. Whether it is a testimonial provided by one of your followers, a review of one of your how-to videos, or a photo of your art hanging in a nearby medical office, there is real value in borrowing third-party influence to sway potential customers. Close monitoring of your Instagram account and the accounts of followers will allow you to connect with others who are sharing content that will be an asset to your growing business.

Generate social proof on other social media platforms and connect with these using hashtags. You may also want to use Instagram ads that are available for all users by doing some quick research on the sponsored posts that appear in your newsfeed. Remember that selling on Instagram is not like selling on other social networks. Instagram is a real-time, visual network that requires you to lead your sales with clear, eye-catching images of your artwork. Avoid distracting lighting issues and make sure your photo is easy to identify.

If you’re looking for some quick and easy hints for your business Instagram profile, Susan Grove, director of marketing for Instagram, makes the following suggestions for small businesses:

  • Create nine shopping posts on your Instagram business profile to activate the Shop tab
  • Tag a single image or carousel
  • Keep your product catalog up to date and replete with images
  • Use short videos called “stories” to illustrate to your followers that they can shop your posts.

If you have been successful at selling on Instagram, what suggestions do you have? Feel free to share here.

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