How To Overcome Objections During Job Interviews?

If you have been inside an interview room before, you would probably agree that objections did make their way into the conversation. An objection usually, is a test card played by the interviewer to get a peek into your attitude; more to do with how you can handle unfavourable events.

One of the best job interview tips, is to stay upfront and deal with it the right way!

Firstly, understand the objection raised. Gauge what the interviewer is trying to convey. If it is an actual problem, say you lack the technical know-how which the job demands, you cannot defend your case untiringly. In that case, be honest and tell them that you do not know but would be willing to learn it for the job. Though the above case may hold true, it is most likely that objections are raised to get a natural reaction from you with the aim of knowing your responses better.

Keen to learn how to prepare for an interview and handle objections?

  • Revisit Your Perception:

What the objection is, isn’t as important as how you see one. Understand that your reactions to these will be the final decider between you and another candidate. Instead of seeing objections as troublesome, look at them as a chance to make an impact. Bo Bennett once said, “An objection is not a rejection, it is simply a request for more information.” Question yourself- do you want to see it as a roadblock or an opportunity?

  • Meet Objections With Open Arms:

Going a step further than just altering perception, greet objections in interviews. The best thing one can teach an interviewee as a part of interview skills training is to be accepting. Await objections because you see them as a challenge to complete and not a mere problem. Know that an objection is your time to leave a mark and accept one graciously. Be ready for objections!

  • Don’t Allow Objections To Get To You:

Most times, the objections are just ‘meant to be’, don’t allow yourself them to get to you emotionally or mentally. Once you get disturbed, the ripples would be evident throughout the interview. If I were to suggest you one of the most important job interview tips, I’d say don’t allow any negative remark to enter. You can choose to cry after the interview but you cannot ruin the further questions. Stay calm, composed and carry on with confidence.

  • Convey A Strong Message:

You know that the interviewer has put forth an objection to get your immediate response and you must give it to him. Take this opportunity and give him what he would be least expecting. This communicates indirectly to him that you are not someone who is easily pushed down by pressure. Let the interviewer comprehend the ease with which you handle extreme tension.

It takes just the right type of interview skills training to tell yourself that an objection is like a ladder, you choose whether you want to go up or down!

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