How to help your children to become a responsible digital citizen

In the real world, people also belong to one or more online communities in the digital world, which grants them their digital citizenship.

Being a good digital citizen, first of all, Parents teaches their child to be good citizen and then teaches them to become a good citizen. For becoming a good and responsible citizen some necessary things one has to consider i.e.

  • Treating the flag with respect
  • Showing pride in the country
  • Being a good neighbor
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Voting
  • Learning about the country
  • Appreciate those who serve for the nation

Good citizen is a blessing to the entire society. A responsible digital citizen should be respectful and behave appropriately while handling the information in an online world. Digital citizenship helps the teachers and parents to identify what students, children and technology users must know to make use of technology in an appropriate manner.

Digital citizenship is the important to help the students to learn. It is really important for 21st century skills because it let us know about collaboration, communication and surviving in the digital world. There are some important points that what a child can do to become a good digital citizen. The points are as follows:

  • Leave a positive digital footprint
  • Know the online Golden rule
  • Always be nice in every manner
  • Avoid suggestive material
  • Beware of strange danger
  • Don’t steal
  • There are lots of resources available on internet and not all is beneficial for use. Digital citizenship teaches students, how to lose out to select an important information
  • Today with digitalization, employees judge prospective students or employees from their social media profile. So digital citizenship is moreimportant for us.

Question arises do any one knows to create online positive and constructive images for our bright future. Digital citizenship becomes very important now a days and teaching digital citizenship to tech-savvy child is crucial. So in schools digital citizenship comes in curriculum as they are in touch with the technology. Now days everyone share post, comments, share photos, videos and information about ourselves. Children look to us as their parents to show them the way. They see what we do whether we like it or not. We can tell them how to become a digital citizen. There are schools at international level who offers separate courses with regard to this matter. There are numerous renowned international schools in India as demand of such courses is very high.

 Teach your children the Golden Rules of online learning which will enable to perform better function and also make them feel their responsibility being a responsible citizen. Online Golden rules are same as golden rule offline i.e. treat other people how you wish to be treated which means we should treat everyone with respect and care as we want to get treated from them. Behave lawfully also helps to become a good digital citizen. Protecting our privacy and that of others is the necessity of the time. One must recognize their rights and responsible when using digital technologies. Also Responsible digital citizenship is different from technical aspects.

Digital citizenship refers to someone’s presence and activity in the digital world. Here are some tips to teach your children to be good digital citizens.

  • Respect rules and appropriate need to be online
  • Be inclusive
  • Always report Bullying

Hence we learn how to be a good digital citizen, what is the need of it and why it becomes a necessity now a days. Finally the best slogan that concludes the good digital citizen is

Be Responsible

Be Safe

Be Smart

Be Respectful

Be a Good Digital Citizen

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