How to Build Proper Support Service?

Certainly, you have to solve problems of any client. But it is always worth understanding that if the client loses money because of problems on your side right now, his issue should be solved at once. And a simple question of the user of whether it is possible to insert the picture with a cat into some block of your service, it is possible to leave for later. Even if the application has treated a cat earlier. And it leads us to the following rules that you need to know to build a successful service desk.

Report to the client about the terms of the solution of his problem

If you can’t execute the issue of the user at once, or you had had the more urgent business, then always report about terms of your answer. The client will know that work on his problem, and everything will improve soon. This is a basic principle of ITSM.

Answer within 24 hours

Regardless of your load or urgency of the request, answer to it not later than in 24 hours. Holidays as presently many companies often work also on the weekend can be exceptions.

Report to the client about a solution

Don’t force him to guess it or to spend time, trying to repeat action which has led to a mistake. Except for irritation, it causes nothing.

Answers to questions of users have to be laconic and without excess details

It is important for users to know that their problems are solved and to obtain information on how not to allow repetition of mistakes. At the same time try to avoid official style and you always look for a common ground. Achieve sympathy from your client and you receive a positive in communication and excellent feedback in the form of responses and recommendations.

Answers to requests have to be competent

Nothing so spoils image of the company as a spelling error in the missive. If it is ridiculous. Remember that any such situation can lead to the fact that the screenshot of a mistake of support service will appear on social networks.

Always finish communication

The client has to tell precisely that his problem is solved, and he has to you no questions. Any innuendo will be treated as your incompetence and will negatively affect all company. Always thank clients for the request and time which they spent on it. Remember that they bring you money the same as your service or services help to earn by it.

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