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A lot of people online are very much attractive to what is shown in television advertisements or commercials, social media posts and the likes. Many products are being advertised on the said medium therefore sales are somehow fast depending on the type of products. However, infringing brands or products online are now the latest trend to capture customers. It’s very detrimental since it will lead unwanted satisfactions from loyal customers. Company’s reputation maybe damaged with this type of cybercrime. Brand is what makes the company known. The features should be preserved and maintained. If can’t then at least enhance or improve.

What is a brand abuse?

Damaging or gaining some specifications from product brands is known as brand abuse. It includes doing malicious activities to exploit an existing brand in some unpleasant way. This may include faking physical products, using brand or product names in hidden text, or using the brand logo. When these arise, the brand’s reputation will be affected. Brand abuse in some other ways may damage the company’s valuable assets.

The Effects of Brand Abuse

Online brand abuse has various effects. The effects even at its lowest is always detrimental. Consider the following effects once affected by it:

Financial losses

Financial losses in worst cases are what makes the company down. Mishandling of the finance budget are sometimes the root cause of financial losses. But nowadays, online scammers are rampant and they’re trying to take control of the online world. Abusing of brands online damages the reputation of the company. Brands are what the company is should protect.

Damage Reputation

What company wants their reputation to damaged? For sure nobody wants. Every company wants to protect their reputation. Reputation is the common opinion that people have about on something. It is how people see the company or judge the company. Taking care of the brand’s reputation is the thing that makes the company should always observe.

Aggravated Costumers

Customers are what makes the company run. They can be considered as the fuel to make it continuously run. Customers rely on the services offered by the company’s brand. If online scammers ruin the company’s brand then most probably the trust of the customer will decrease. And then aggravation will enter into the process. Aggravating customers is not good to the brand. They will leave unpleasant reviews to the brand which will make it lose its reputation.

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