Doing Essays from Scratch: 4 Cons Students Benefit From

Writing assignments such as essays can be very difficult to do; especially if they are given out in a class which you are not particularly fond of. When writing essays for school or university, it’s most likely that you’ll have to start from scratch. However, this can be quite difficult to wrap your head around. Some students may struggle so much to write their essays, that they may be tempted to turn to a custom writing services for help thinking that they will make their lives a lot easier and stress-free. On the other hand, although this may be true, writing your essays yourself may actually have a better outcome than hiring a professional company. This post will outline all the negative aspects you may think that writing a paper from scratch may have, but can actually result to be quite positive.

What is an Essay Writing Service?

Writing services offer students professionally written essays in exchange for a fee. These services normally propose two essay writing options. It is possible either to purchase already made essays or to order a custom-made essay. You can be sure that whatever essays you get from these sites will be of the utmost quality, as the writers hired for these websites are trained professionals for doing essays online. The biggest plus for writing services is that students can relax and be stress-free about school work while expecting a good grade at the end.

  1. Pricing. Writing services normally charge per page and the price changes based on the time limits or deadlines that are given. University students are the most common clients of writing services since they face many pressures from assignments, grades, and future employment. On the other hand, besides spending a significant amount of money on custom writing services, students may actually be at a disadvantage from hiring a company such as this. For example, if it were the case that a student purchases a pre-ready or pre-written piece with a short amount of time before the deadline, the student may not have enough time to edit, proofread or add any other information that they find necessary to add. Furthermore, it would be likely that the student would have to then hire a professional proofreader to check the content and make sure it is all correct; meaning that the final price that the student pays increases. For custom papers, the price is usually more elevated than ready-made papers, and it is unlikely that there will be any time to proofread it either. In the end, students may have no option other than to turn in an unoriginal piece of work, and paying a high price for it.
  2. Time and Workload. It is no secret that essay writing takes a lot of time and effort. This is also one of the reasons for which students prefer to hire a professional to take care of that for them. On the other hand, there is no better feeling than when your efforts pay off and you’re left with a well-researched piece of quality writing. Either way, when you receive your order from a writing service, you will nevertheless need to invest time in proofreading it and checking if the content is actually correct.
  3. Scams. Of course, writing your own original essay is a way to ensure that it is entirely non-plagiarized and unique content (if referenced and written correctly). On the other hand, there is a real risk of writing service companies being a scam; making your plan to remain stress-free backfire drastically. If you turn to a writing service, and it, unfortunately, results in being fake, you may face serious problems concerning plagiarism, incorrect content, or generally a low-quality written essay. On top of that, you’ll find yourself frustrated to know that your well-earned money was spent on nothing at all and that in turn, your academic reputation and record is very negatively sanctioned. Generally, plagiarism in educational institutions is not tolerated at all, and you may face consequences such as getting expelled. If you decide not to turn in the essay you paid for and instead try to write it yourself after the set deadline, apart from losing your money, you will probably be downgraded for handing in your work late.
  4. Learning Experience and Overall Satisfaction. Naturally, if you decide to hire a writing service, as you will not be writing the content yourself, you will miss out on the actual learning experience and in developing your essay writing skills. You might be able to pay for an essay one or two times in case of extreme stress or if you are under lots of pressure, but it is likely that this will be reflected in the rest of your grades. In other words, it will soon become quite clear that the work you turned in is dishonest and that your real knowledge and skills do not match the quality of your essay. Besides, knowing that you achieved a good piece of work despite the stress, worries, and time constraints will be a lot more satisfying rather than knowing that you paid for it.

In short, although hiring a writing service for your essays may seem like a good idea at the time, it may actually work in the opposite way. Writing your own papers is almost always the better option as you will be saving money and expanding your learning experience and knowledge.

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