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Every day a huge number of entrepreneurs ask themselves: how to win loyal customers? The answer is simple: you need to establish an efficient system of relationships with them, and one of the most efficient ways to do that is to implement a CRM system. CRM will take care of all the dirty work for you and greatly improve the productivity of your business. That concerns the work of consultants as well.

In the activities of any consulting company, an important place is occupied by the customer base maintaining. To find new customers for a consulting company is not difficult, they can be representatives of any business: from a small grocery store to industrial giants. But further cooperation, building effective business relations is not an easy task. Fortunately, this issue has an easy solution – CRM for a consulting company.

The main objectives of CRM for consultants and consulting companies:

  1. Optimization of the company activities and rationalization of all business processes.
  2. Techniques development for control of the implementation of marketing, advertising, management and other events.
  3. Improving the quality of service.
  4. Creation of a single database of customers.

Ultimately, all CRMs for consultants are used to increase the productivity and efficiency of all structures and results in profit increasing.

On this website, you can read more about main advantages which CRM for consultants possesses. And we prepared for you a description of five best CRM tools for consultants and their companies.


Bpm’online proposes an integrated all-in-one solution – CRM for consultants and consulting firm management. The implementation of this CRM tool will result in the optimization and regulation of almost all company’s business processes, development of key performance indicators, automation of the company’s workflow.

Bpm’online CRM also includes functions for the technology and methodology of the customer satisfaction survey and the resource planning system.


CRM for companies in the field of consulting should help in solving the important task of maintaining the client. AmoCRM can easily help with it. This software possesses all functionality necessary for efficient management of consulting business processes. It provides customer database maintenance and employees controlling system. Moreover, the system has a possibility of functioning from any device.

The system is accessible 24/7 from any place in the world to make any changes in  CRM while the meeting or at any other convenient time from a PC, tablet or phone.

Capsule CRM

One of the best choices for automated management of activities for consulting companies needs will be Capsule CRM, which is able to combine accounting and staff management, as well as allow conducting effective business relations with counterparties. This product covers all business processes, at the same time including assigning tasks to employees and monitoring their implementation. A single database of customers stores all the data on customers and other contractors, accumulating important information for further work.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM system will allow you to plan resources, break tasks into execution stages, and create sub-tasks. In addition, the program automates the management of projects and their planning, will allow the appointment of responsible executives and forming sales funnels. Each transaction with the help of this software can be executed in automatic mode – all the primary documentation (account, contract, commercial offer, etc.) is created and is further defined as a template.


Accelo is one of popular fully integrated service operations automation for the business in the field of consulting. It streamlines all processes while aligning your team and delivering projects on time. Accelo let the company run the business in the clouds

The use of such software results is a growth in all areas of the consulting company’s activities. As a result, the client receives a clear result in the form of applied business processes, which are taken as a basis in the further stages of the implementation of the system.

Description: CRM for consultants and consulting companies. Reviews of best CRM solutions, their objectives and advantages.

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