How To Select A Good HRMS

Human resource management is now technology-dependent. Technology brings forth automation that is replacing manual interference in all aspects of HR management. This automated feature helps increase productivity. As a result, HR functions involving employee payroll management, their performance assessment, recruitment management, time-sheet management and all related services have become convenient, error-free, and obviously less time-consuming.

Driven by automation, all HR modules have become streamlined at the integration and centralization of an end-to-end human resource management system (HRMS). So, when enormity of its benefits is so large, making mistakes in selecting competitive HRM System from almost endless options is quite natural. Below are some quick tips to keep in mind while considering an HRMS. If you keep these points in mind, you will save yourself headaches and money.


A) Explore the HRMS market thoroughly. This software market is fraught with choices. Buyers often tend to get confused to understand which of them best suits with their needs. So, determine at first whether you need a system that can manage employee-wise database, help track their performance and attendance, automate the payroll processes, lower employee hiring costs, and other functions. You need to evaluate all available software you get by to ensure any one of them meets your needs to the full.

B) Evaluate comprehensive solution and project-wise solution. You will find comprehensive solution for all HR functions, as well as project-wise solutions. For instance, if you want to automate manpower and time accounting management effectively and efficiently, you need to research the features of those systems that have time-sheet module. Again, an appraisal management system will be fit to track employee performance and manage their contributions to their organization.

C) Request the vendor for a demonstration of the software. Make sure software vendors demonstrate the performances of their software and give you their trial versions so that you can get hands-on experience. It helps find out which one of them has more compatible features. To evaluate their performance, ask your HR staff members to try the software and provide feedback.

D) Refer the systems to your information technology specialists. Let your IT professionals evaluate the systems. They will be the best persons to point out their merits and demerits. As per their feedback, you can shortlist the software vendors.

E) Select the HRM System that meets your budget. Market is full of HRM software developers and that seems to be a hard place to put across your choice suitably. You can still expect to come by solutions that can be within your budgetary planning.

Bear one thing in mind that whoever you select, make sure you have selected the one that has longstanding business profile in the market. Do not forget to check out whether its existing clients are happy with their service or not.

Paylite has developed an online HRMS that can help manage employee-wise database, including their educational and professional profiles, skills, salary progression, assets tracking, important details for driving license, visa, work permit, passport etc. It features comprehensive and user-friendly leave and air-ticket management. It meets all regional requirements also.

The Way to Prepare for an Immigration Interview

There are many different forms of interviews with US immigration, such as an asylum interview, a naturalization interview, a US consular interview, or a spousal interview. The immigration officer carrying out the immigration interview asks very different kinds of questions at every one of those types of immigration interviews, so you’re going to be needed to display different types of documents at each. Even so, you will find a bunch of basic approaches for how one can prepare most efficiently to go to pretty much any immigration interview. Understanding the right way to be prepared to go to just one particular immigration interview will make you able to do just fine when you attend all sorts.

Tip #1: Get there on time to the scheduled immigration interview! More often than not it can be really difficult simply to be able to secure an immigration interview appointment and officials are constantly extraordinarily over-worked. Should you get there only minutes after the slated time in a hectic United States consulate or U.S.C.I.S. office, the case could very well end up being terminated, even when you do manage to make it there afterwards! Never fail to get there at the very least 30 minutes before your reserved immigration interview in case there may be traffic, there’s an extremely long line to get into the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services building, you’ve got automotive problems, or perhaps you didn’t remember a document. When you have a lengthy commute to reach the office, allow for a bit extra travel time. Do not forget that a lot of things usually are not permitted within the office, which can include pepper spray, knives, liquids, lighters, matches, or even smartphones. For people with extra time, you’ll be able to put whichever objects you aren’t permitted to take with you back inside of your car or truck with no being stressed about being late. For those who arrive before your current appointment, your officer could quite possibly call you for your immigration interview early, and your lawyer or attorney will not yet have arrived. It’s best not to enter without the lawyer! Always ask your officer tactfully if you’re able to please wait for your immigration lawyer or attorney, who will show up by your appointed appointment time. Without a really good lawyer or attorney around, officers may request info they are not allowed to and/or improperly deny the case.

(Unfortunately, several US consulates will not allow an immigration attorney to go in with you. If this is the situation, make sure to prepare very well in advance so you know what’s going to be asked and how to answer.)

Tip #2: Dress properly for your immigration interview. If you go to an important consultation with the leader of a large company, you do not arrive in jeans and a t-shirt, but will instead be clothed in your current best dress or suit. Government authorities happen to be human beings, also, and they’re going to judge you based on your clothing to find out the variety of applicant you’re going to be. Dress conservatively, don’t wear clothes that are too revealing, and ensure that your suit will show you really are the sort of self-confident, reliable, and also honest woman/man that immigration official would like to share his country of America with.

Tip #3: Pay attention to every single question the officer asks and then respond appropriately and also truthfully. Usually the official is really a busy employee and frequently only has a distinct amount of time for each immigration appointment. If you are taking too much time, he’s going to give up his own lunch time and it no doubt will not get your immigration interviewer into a great mood at the time he’s deciding your case! Therefore, listen closely to each thing he asks and also don’t forget to answer specifically what she or he is questioning you about – not less and not more. in the event that the agent inquires where you entered the US, don’t tell him when. If she or he questions when you met your husband or wife, you should not tell him where. Simply answer each question directly, clearly, in the least amount of things possible, and truthfully. Not responding to any question or even giving the official a great deal more than he or she would like to know can aggravate him. You really want to keep the official comfortable so he will be more likely to approve your application. And lastly, if you can’t remember the reply to a query, it is okay to say that you do not remember or don’t know. Your officer should understand you might be nervous, plus it is better to be truthful rather than make a guess and give an inaccurate response.

Tip #4: Bring copies of all of your documents with you. While each and every category of appointment will require you to bring different documents, irrespective of what records you’ll be taking with you, definitely keep the original along and also an additional duplicate. Even if you sent a copy together with the application, it might possibly be lost so the officer is going to want a new photocopy. Alternatively, the immigration interviewer just might prefer not to locate the document and might be grateful if you give him an alternative duplicate very quickly. Keep all your legal documents in order so you can be prepared any time your immigration officer requests a document.

As long as you carry out these simple tips, you will find that the immigration appointment proceeds far better! You will feel a bit more confident and at peace and your immigration officer will notice that and it may improve your immigration application. In addition, your interviewer is going to be happy you got there dressed appropriately, punctually, and ready for your interview. Your official definitely will truly feel respected by you and this is an important aid at any kind of interview, and in particular in an immigration interview! Good luck – we’re certain you are ready for your forthcoming immigration appointment!

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Top 5 Features To Consider While Choosing An HRMS

To boost productivity and profitability of a business organization, its human resource department needs to be upgraded technically. If it gets technical advantages, it can be able to deliver more strategic outputs than ever before, can enhance employee engagement and retain top performers of the user organization. HR department should work towards achieving them.

With achieving them, it can improve the productivity and profitability of the organization and, at the same time, it can replace the traditional paper-based, time-taking and error-prone manual HR management methods. Use of an online HRMS can overhaul the HR department considerably and help produce informed business decisions substantially.

Technically advanced human resource department of a business organization can manage its activities flawlessly. A right choice of a good HRMS solution can make this possible and accomplish day-to-day HR functions quickly and flawlessly, with much less delivering insightful business intelligence. These days, companies are seen turning to online HRMS solutions to overcome many business challenges, economic dimensions, and tactical issues. But, making a right choice is quite difficult because of the availability of their multiple types. However, while planning to buy such a solution, make sure that the solution has these below-stated features.


When it comes to managing employees’ profiles, you have to protect them by all means. Making a choice of a system that can protect employees’ profiles fully is very necessary, because such important database should not be allowed to get misused or mishandled. In fact, it is the feeling of security as one of the main reasons that you choose a solution that can secure the database fully.


A company should choose such a system that is available to use round the clock. For example, the system should have a facility to access its database from anywhere, anytime, even after the business hours. This facility can allow the employees of the user organizations to know of their pay history, time off, contact information, timing and many more. With using it, they can also forward change request to the HR department to make change of any uploaded information. For doing these, they don’t have to wait for someone from the HR department to help them with routine requests. Also, another important aspect of a reliable HRMS solution is its ability to meet your record-keeping requirements, and quickly access that database to stay in compliance with workforce regulations.

Single Employee Record:

With having more than one installations of HRM software, users find managing employee database and synchronizing activities of several departments difficult. But, it becomes easier with having a system that is able to centralize database seamlessly. Such a centralized system can offer a single source to payroll, analysis, administration, employee life-cycle management and other critical employee data. Moreover, it can result in seamless, reliable information that your entire organization relies on.


Facility of having consistent communication with employees ensures that things get done properly. Every employee of your company should be aware of the goals of your company so that they work toward them effectively. But, to ensure their accountability, a good HRM system needs to be used. With having such a system, you can notify your employees, managers, HR staffs, and payroll staffs when something needs their attention. Again, to simplify the HR functions, an ingenious system needs to be used to receive auto-generated email alerts about many things, for example impending employee certification renewal dates, etc. A system that has integrated self-service module can be helpful for the HR managers to communicate more effectively with the employees by allowing them to easily retrieve information. If a system does have these solutions, it can eliminate the problems that previously existed and resulted in noncompliance risk, missed budget numbers, or confusion over achieved benefits. A good HR system generates reports easily and seamlessly.

Return on Employee Investment (ROEI):

Secure, reliable, accurate report generation and effective communication are the bottom lines of an effective HRMS. But, what use does it have unless better productivity and full employee engagement are ensured? This aspect is important for a company, because evaluation of employee performances is done more effectively by a system that has got this feature integrated into it. After all, a business organization aims to achieve the value for the money it has spent on its employees and employee management setups. This is what ROEI has to tell all about!

In this competitive business world, achieving the business goals for a business organization is becoming quite difficult, but it is easy when it uses HRMS solutions that help them take control of HR data and automate key processes. If a business organization can ensure security, reliability, a single employee record, effective communication and a solid ROEI, it will be able to generate the best values. And, its HR department can deliver insightful business intelligence and also will be able to help the user company overcome many challenges related with human resource and economic pressures faced every day.

Paylite is a brilliant Human Resource Management System that can meet all HR needs and perform all HR functions flawlessly and quickly. For its competitive features, it has got worldwide popularity, especially among small and mid-sized business organizations.

Role of HRMS in Any Organization

Delineating human resource department functions are very crucial for an organization that runs HRMS. In olden days managing large scale human resources was a very toughest task. Even it becomes difficult for sharing the information about employee records, banking and payroll records for International business agencies that do not have central HR administration. Even some U.S. business concerns having multiple offices at various places were running individual HR departments to meet their requirements. The additional expenditure incurred for establishing and running HR departments are being met by balanced company expenditures. Now HRMS has overcome all these problems.

Over many years, of course nearly 20 years HRMS are satisfying the needs of corporate landscape. In early days to implement and operate HRMS an advanced degree in computer science was a mandatory requirement. Also there was a need to hire administrators for getting HRMS data for their company. There were lots of constraints in adopting HRMS. Many companies felt that empowering HR departments would be more beneficial than implementation of HRMS. But over a period of years the revolution in technology has given life to the HRMS and improved to such an extent that without HRMS no corporate office is existing now. The growing needs of HR necessitated for the development of highly specialized tools. A parallel evaluation of HRMS incorporating these tools made ease of HR tasks. The various HR aspects like time, attendance to payroll and labor distribution are valuable commodity in the business world.

The modular packaging is the one of the most beneficial developments in HRMS. Few years back software was the only usable entity in HRMS and there was no scope for a series of applications. There was no dedicated HRMS for small businesses. They used to adopt the same HRMS that large business used. Now trend has changed and HRMS are modulated to suit for all types of businesses. Any business whether it is small or big can purchase HRMS applications meeting to their requirements and can be implemented in their organizations. Scalable modules facilitated in reduction of cost of HRMS. Also scalable modules created the scope to implement for localized applications without disturbing the resources that deal with larger applications.

Now the business community realized HRMS as standard application by virtue of software’s integral value. Also in the present business world either small or large business organizations felt HRMS as indispensable tool in their organizations. Though HRMS has become part of most functional and practical of all business software solutions, still there is vide scope for its continual development.