Brexit’s Lessons for The Technology Sector

Whether the result of the Brexit vote in June 2016 left you gnashing your teeth or speculating excitedly about potential growth in a challenging new environment, Brexit negotiations are underway and we are leaving the EU.

This means that tech sector businesses must think of international, outside of the EU, trading to stay vital and prosperous. To ignore this fact now is to leave a route for overseas competitors to maintain or gain market share that could have, or rather should have, been yours.  Expansion must be on a global basis.

The excellent news for the tech sector is that we have been working with North America as a primary competitor for several years so this concept is not as new to us as in other sectors which up to this point have depended on local business. We should make the most of this industry advantage.

Overseas markets like to use British technology. From the convenience of the language to the quality of work and components, the global picture is positive for the tech sector here. However, with the task of expansion in to new and untapped areas questions, challenges and issues will present themselves and must be overcome.

What will the business model be like during and after growth?

Will the main base be in the Thames Valley or will there be a more fractured approach with several global management locations?

Will the company work with a compromise of these options?

Is the business model you’re aiming for going to provide you with optimum results or will it prove counterproductive? For example, if your main office remains in the Thames Valley are you going to be able to deliver exceptional service to partners in every continent?

Is your USP as unique overseas as it is in the EU?

How can you make sure that your USP and marketing reaches new business opportunities?

Identifying who the decision makers are in an operation and what their core priority is pays huge dividends. Is it always the CEO you need?

It is imperative to take advice from an experienced, knowledgeable tech sector industry consultant. One of the leading names in the Thames Valley is David Orren. He, and his team, work alongside several SME’s with great success.

Although UK bases are often in London, please don’t forget that the Thames Valley is our own Silicon Valley. You can operate just as effectively and achieve ambitions from a primary spot on several transport routes, within easy reach of the capital and with a technology business infrastructure in place.

As a key member of Thames Valley Business Advisors, David has the capabilities to help you break in to tough markets and make the most of today and post Brexit trading. He tailors processes to specific tech sector clients because one approach does not work for all, and he makes the move in to the global market less stressful and wholly rewarding.

Please don’t wait until Brexit negotiations are over. Act now to maximise global potential.

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