This new rebranded knowledge first financial company has again stepped in the market with new approach, new goal, new vision, new mission to get back his No.1 position in the business field. George Hopkinson, the President and CEO of the company, who joined in the year 2009, has changed the name of the company to just that, now surly for next 10-15 years, the company is going to withstand in the market i.e., for long term with sustainable growth.  Its vision and mission are very simple for the education related services. Its vision is to support and help students in completing their post-secondary education by giving them solutions for a peace of mind. Knowledge First financial reviews are very good with a positive feedbacks, as always their first priority is the children’s future by passing the post-secondary education.

The name knowledge first financial is installed in the company along with some changes and implementation of few set of new values in the company. They are: at the first, the first priority goes to the customers by helping them in achieving their education saving goals, second is integrity i.e., to be very truthful and professional with the customer, there is no compromise in this case, third is result determines success, fourth is sales drive business and lastly teamwork is most important just to achieve a common goal and focus on it. This values are the most key for the changes in this company. And other than this there are some other ideas and values implemented by Hopkinson to make company the best RESP retailer company and organization in the market. The only plan of Hopkinson is to make the company sustainably growth and last around the market at least for 15-20 years  and become the one of the successful company in the market. In this new year the knowledge first financial has already introduced his new and complimentary products. And along with this, it has already planed of the second phase of rebranding transformation, which is known as the Flex First Plan.

Hopkinson, flex first plan is a dollar based group plan which is offering loyalty and flexibility with 9.5 percent contribution. And Hopkinson, himself is very excited for the introduction of the second phase in the market, as it the new product after the transformation of the company. According to the Gorge Hopkinson, whenever they is a new transformation in the company, it should have a sustainable growth for a long term and it should have a goal, proper vision and mission. And when it comes to the educational saving goals business, than it should have best customer service, best products along with that best compliance in the business. George has done a very work by changing the name and bringing transformation in the company.  By following this values and step the knowledge first financial reviews are increasing day by day and getting positive results. Because of which they are getting success in the business and securing no.1 position in the market. Finally, their aim is in the way to success.

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