Aiming At a Career in Finance? Check Out theTop 4 Most Competitive Career Options in Finance Right Now

The retiring baby boomers are leaving Wall Street empty and crying for responsible financial experts who can crunch numbers like a Vulcan and tackle tremendous amounts of pressure. The employers are finding it extremely challenging to replace an employee with 20 odd years of experience, but the fresh talent has more than just their command over numbers to offer.

Here are the 4 most interesting careers in finance that you can ever dream of!

  1. Tax Managers

Did we see you scrunch your nose up a little bit? Well, you wouldn’t if you knew the sheer amount of power that comes with this job. Tax Managers are responsible for overseeing tax reporting procedures and planning. They are also responsible for seeing if their companies adhere to federal and state laws as well as international laws. Anyone with an MBA with special focus on accounting or taxation can think of a career as a tax manager.

  1. Controllers

They are the financial experts who are responsible for keeping a company’s financial planning, financing and budget management spic and span. You can consider this career if you can spin off the accounting methods and GAAP off the tips of your tongue.

An applicant will require a MBA degree with a special focus on finance and/or accounting along with a Certified Public Accountant designation.

  • Valuation analysts

This is a truly challenging job. A valuation analyst’s job is to determine the value of a business organization during the time of acquisition. He requires an astute understanding of taxes, economics, accounting and business finances. Valuation analysts can also get prestigious positions in insurance firms, and they also work with online personal loans.

Any applicant requires a CPA and a strong mathematical background (preferably a degree in mathematics, economics and/or statistics) for meeting the requirements of this job.

  1. Senior level Accountant

This is indeed one of the most competitive career options in the finances. They are charged with examination of the financial trends, costs and operations of a business organization. They should be able to analyze business reports, tax reports and evaluate the assets of the organization. All liabilities, losses and profits are calculated by the Senior Level Accountant of a business.

Preferred applicants usually have a degree in Accounting and a CPA to begin with. Most of the applicants who aspire to replace the baby boomers aren’t meeting these requirements.

A career in finance is what at least 90% of the people pursuing MBA and other business oriented courses aspire. Only a small fraction of them actually get through. Having the right degrees is definitely a determining factor, but the level of experience is what counts more, or at least that is what the bosses at Wall Street are saying.

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