A Detailed Insight On Mechanical And Electrical Jobs In Essex

There has been a growing demand for Mechanical and electrical engineers in today’s times.  But, what do they do? The mechanical engineers develop solutions and resolve problems thereby playing a major role in the designing and implementation of the moving parts in several industries. On the other hand, electrical engineers focus on designing, creating and maintaining the electrical control systems and the components according to the required specifications. They generally focus on economy, reliability, quality, sustainability and safety.

If you are on the lookout for mechanical and electrical jobs in Essex, you must understand what your responsibilities are and what you can expect from the job. The mechanical engineers can find opportunities of employment in several sectors including automotive, aerospace, construction, railway, manufacturing and much more. The electrical engineers can find employment opportunities in the transportation sector, construction and manufacturing sector, building industry and services and in the sector of production and distribution of power.

Responsibilities of the Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

The projects on which the mechanical and the electrical engineers work on vary widely. The mechanical and electrical jobs in Essex would give you the chance to work in a multi-disciplinary team which would efficient engineers from other areas of specialization as well. Listed below are some of the basic responsibilities of electrical and mechanical engineers.

Mechanical Engineers

  • Work on designing and implementing the cost-effective modifications of equipment which would aid in the improving the safety and the reliability.
  • They develop, test as well as evaluate the theoretical designs.
  • They plan and design the new processes of production.
  • They manage the projects using the principles and techniques of engineering.

Electrical Engineers

  • Work on to identify the requirements of the customer
  • They design the products and the systems.
  • They research the appropriate solutions a well as their estimate costs and the timescale.
  • They are supposed to communicate with the contractors and the clients regarding the projects.
  • They are supposed to design and conduct tests.

Other than these, there are a lot of responsibilities of both the electrical and the mechanical engineers which they must perform efficiently.

Working Hours

The working hours for the both the electrical and the mechanical engineers vary and are generally job-specific. Some of the mechanical and electrical jobs in Essex might offer flexible working hours.  You may or may not need to work extra hours to meet the deadlines and resolve any difficulties that might arise in the process.

Freelance working and self-employment options are possible for the experienced and skilled engineers who have a good record.


Mechanical Engineers – must have a honors degree in mechanical engineering. The other relevant subjects are – agricultural engineering, aeronautical engineering, engineering science, nuclear engineering or any other subject related to mechanical engineering.

Electrical Engineers – necessity have a degree in electrical engineering. Other relevant subjects include aeronautical engineering, communications engineering, electromechanical engineering, power and energy engineering, building services engineering and other subjects related to electronics engineering.

There are a certain set of skills which you must possess so as to be able to get a job. The salary is pretty impressive and would be dependent upon your experience and qualifications.

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