5 Things to Know When You Suddenly Realise You Need an Urgent Extension on Your Dissertation

The process of writing and completing a dissertation can be a long and tedious one. According to dissertation services, a good number of students often require extensions to work on submitting that first-class standard dissertation. However, it is crucial to get approval on the urgent extension without compromising the relationship between (you) the student and the supervisor. Similarly, there are five things that you should know the moment you realise that you need to get an urgent extension on your dissertation, which are explored in this article.

  1.    Extensions are possible

The earlier you recognise extensions are possible (although not encouraged), you will stop panicking and begin preparing to apply for one. Afast approaching deadline for a dissertation means that the student will have to work all day and night consuming countless cups of coffee (or worse, energy drinks) and still not submit on time. However, for an urgent extension to be granted, the student should have covered a substantial part of the research. The student should show commitment to finishing the dissertation in the extended time without fail or excuses. Professional coursework writing services advise students to be very clear as to why they are seeking an urgent extension for the dissertation.

  1.    How to apply for an urgent dissertation extension

Certain circumstances can lead you to realise that completing your dissertation in the stipulated time is nothing but a mirage. Notably, some of these circumstances maybe medical, personal, academic and unexpected circumstances related to employment. It is essential to know the guidelines for applying for an urgent extension on a dissertation at your university.

  1.    Accountability

Accountability is the third things you need to be aware of when you realise you need an urgent extension. No supervisor will grant your request unless you are crystal clear about what you have accomplished so far. Here you will need to meet the challenge head-on. Present the work you have completed to the supervisor and, in addition to that, come up with a working plan on how you will utilise the added time. Be careful not to ask for too much time as this can be interpreted as lack of seriousness, according to university assignment writing services.

  1.    It is Okay to Seek Assistance

The need for an urgent extension on a dissertation is a wakeup call for many students. At this time you have probably been working around the clock. However, it occurs to you that without an urgent extension submitting before the due date is not possible. In this case, you need to know that seeking help is the right thing to do. There is no shame in getting a helping hand from essay writing services to complete your dissertation on time and avoid penalties.

  1.    Honesty

The last thing you should know when you realise you need an urgent extension on a dissertation is the importance of honesty. Do not be tempted to lie to the supervisor. Being honest is the most efficient way of getting the deadline extension. On the other hand, avoid making up excuses; a move that could put you in more trouble. It is crucial to know that the supervisor is there to give you guidance. Therefore, being honest and having integrity during the whole process will attract the attention of the supervisor and most importantly the supervisor’s sympathy.

A dissertation is the highlight of university study. Its importance cannot be overemphasised. As a student, you should plan to submit a well-researched paper before the due date. However, it is not unusual to find yourself in need of urgent extensions on the dissertation. The above five things you need to know in such a situation will ensure that you get the additional time and submit a high standard research paper for grading.

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