5 Preventative Pest Control Tips For Small Businesses

5 Preventative Pest Control Tips For Small Businesses

As the weather gets cool, pests start to look for warm places to spend their winter. Sometimes these pests will find their way into commercial facilities. Having pests in your commercial space can be a real problem, so preventative pest control isn’t optional.

Here are five simple ways to keep unwanted pests out of your office.

1. Trash and recycling bins

Food debris that accumulates at the bottom and sides of garbage and recycling bins can be a food source for pests. Therefore, trash and recycling bins on your property should have self-closing lids and should be emptied regularly.

2. Store snacks properly

If a mid-morning snack is on your daily agenda, then you are at a higher risk of attracting pests to your desk. We are not to saying that keeping a granola bar in your desk is a bad habit. What we are saying is that the crumbs that sprinkle your desk drawers are quite inviting for pests. The next time you snack at your desk, be conscious of your crumbs and clean up any spills.

Alternatively, you can turn your snack time into a ten-minute social time in the kitchen. This will not only prevent a mess on your desk but will also allow you to mingle. You can also keep your snack in a sealed container to deter any pests.

3. Control humidity

Excessive moisture at the workplace can attract a lot of pests. Many pests thrive in areas that have ample supply of water. Examples of pests that thrive in moist conditions include camel crickets, springtails, cockroaches, and booklice.

It is, therefore, important to maintain low levels of humidity. You can use a dehumidifier to reduce the levels of moisture in your workplace. Another way of preventing pests is by using a commercial grade floor fan after cleaning floors. The fans are able to dry hard-to-reach areas, which are normally a collection point for moisture.

Additionally, you may want to ventilate areas that are at risk of excessive moisture such as the bathroom.

4. Maintain clean rooftops

The majority of business owners neglect their rooftops even though they are one of the most important places to check out for pests. Rooftops should be inspected regularly to avoid pest infestation. When inspecting rooftops, look out for standing water, deteriorating seals around skylights or doors and any other damage that could be a habitat for pests. You also need to regularly clean your gutters to remove mosquito breeding grounds as well as get rid of potential subterranean termite activity.

5. Check indoor plants

Office plants can be a breeding ground for pests if not handled correctly. Overwatering the plants brings about standing water in the plant pot. Standing water attracts fungus gnats which feed on fungi, algae, and plant roots. This does not only kill your beloved plants, but can also cause mold growth and further pest infestation once the eggs hatch and start to spread pollen.

Avoid any unwanted visitors by following these five pest-control tips. However, the work shouldn’t stop there. It is vital that you partner with a pest control company such as Legacy Pest Control.

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