3 Digital Safety Tips For Small Businesses In 2018

A multitude of digital threats has left many companies prone to hacking and data breaches. The reason behind this is because few companies are truly diligent when accessing services provided by the digital platforms. The main agenda behind the digital adoption by corporations was to enhance communication and simplifying business operations. However, there are some adverse effects accrued from the continued use of technology.

It is imperative to know how to hedge against the above digital effects that leave many companies distressed. The following are some of the tech digital safety tips that you should use to guide you when taking your business online.

Emphasizing caution

Emphasizing caution to your employees can save them from habits that may end up jeopardizing your digital safety. Digital scammers and hackers employ a number of techniques to defraud their victims. These techniques often guarantee direct access without having to go through all the security loopholes. Instead, they rely on playing the person and are collectively known as social engineering. Poor habits such as clicking on every link you receive, or downloading content without thinking of the consequences are both habits that could be used against you for phishing attacks and as a conduit for malware. HR best practices include both cybersecurity and providing an opportunity for the employees to grow by providing training. This training should also include best ways to protect oneself against social engineering.

Use a VPN

Network hacks are not only common, but highly effective. This is especially so considering the security vulnerabilities in most networks, and especially Wi-Fi networks. The best way to protect your business against network hacks is by using a VPN.  So, what is VPN?  It is an application that creates a secure tunnel protocol for the transmission of fully encrypted network traffic. VPNs not only ensure the security of your network but guarantee its anonymity. The VPN assigns a different IP to your network, from servers located in different parts of the world. Anyone trying to trace your network or intercept any of your traffic would, therefore, be sorely out of luck.

Consult Experts

Due to budget constraints, the small size of the business or the perceived knowledge of the business manager, and other reasons, few businesses consult security experts. However, this s a practice you should adopt to improve the digital safety of your business. A security expert would run an effective audit, assess your risks and vulnerabilities, and provide effective security advice on the best measures you can take for your budget.


Digital safety is important for businesses, regardless of size. Besides offering you protection from hackers who are increasingly targeting small businesses, it goes a long way in showing the clients that you are committed to providing the best services. Taking into account the cybersecurity risks faced by small businesses, emphasizing caution at the workplace, installing a VPN and consulting a cybersecurity firm are effective ways of improving your digital security. Eventually, as the business grows, you will need more comprehensive cybersecurity measures to protect against an ever increasing threat of cyber crime.

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