3 Common Problems with Cloud Storage

Cloud storage should be your ultimate solution to your data as the cost of losing it is unimaginable. Most people don’t transfer files to the cloud. They usually hide their most valuable data here. There have been a few cases of cloud users not finding data they had saved on their cloud online. This can be very devastating. It’s like banking your money for the rainy days then the bank says you can’t access your money. Unlike banks, you can’t rant at anyone with cloud storage platforms.

Apart from not finding data on your cloud, storage clouds have the following limitations;

  • Issues of Litigations

Yes, you are the legitimate owner of the data you save on the cloud. But sometimes most users stay up at night wondering if the cloud provider can access the information. The whole issue of ownership has been in flux for a while since only a few numbers of law firms are conversant with the topic.

We never know the proceedings of the government. Although no one is sure of their intrusion, there have been cases of the government accessing social network of the citizens; and cloud storage is no different.


First, you sign up with a transparent storage cloud company who spread everything on the table prior to dealing with them. The fact that a cloud provider helps you save most of your secrets, they should observe total openness and honesty in the service level agreement (SLA). That means, putting out the critical information upfront rather than hiding crucial information significant to you. From that point, it is up to you to read and comprehend the SLA before you agree to their terms.

  • Cybercrime

Cybercrime is no joke. A Cyber fraud can get access to your super important files and use the information for their gain. If a piece of information is power, imagine what would happen if someone found your data. Worse, you wouldn’t know who to blame because the storage cloud’s SLA might be protecting them when under such incidents in the SLA (That is why it’s important to read the agreement).


Different providers offer different degrees of security on their sites. There are sites with stronger security measures than others. A little research on finding the most secure cloud storage wouldn’t hurt. Hackers are a menace; you should also run a background check of a site to make sure they don’t have cases of security breaches in their history.

  • Connection Problems

It doesn’t matter if you have a high bit rate network provider, the speed can drop up to 10Mbps when uploading content to your cloud. On the contrary, this speed is asymmetrical in a way where the download speed is higher than the upload rate.

The fluctuations in speed when you want to save data to the cloud can cause you procrastinating the task several times doing which might cause you eventually lose the information before you can save it.


Access of your data in and out of the storage cloud is important. You can only enjoy the perks of storing data in the cloud if you can access it swiftly and conveniently. There are a few recommended providers who have the tools necessary to alleviate this problem. Getting a site with the best storage performance will undoubtedly simplify the problems faced.


These issues should not stop you from experiencing the merits of owning cloud storage. If you want to get the best service or product, you need to research and compare various aspects to determine which one is superior. But no need to worry as we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you and found Memset to be one of the most reliable, effective and convenient cloud hosting providers in all the areas mentioned above. There is nothing more you would ask if you subscribe to Memset.

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